Benefits of Real Stone Veneer

spray stone

Houses all have a unique and individual character depending on where it’s located, the landscaping, the architecture, and what materials the house is made of. First reactions to a brick home is that it is classic, vinyl homes feel more modern, wood cabin type houses are warm and cozy, stone houses are strong and have history. Stone is a feature that is unique in it’s own way. Home builders and homebuyers want unique features in their homes, not only to make their house special, but to improve the value of the home itself. enVision Stone wants to show you a way to give your customers a home that stands out from the rest of the vinyl neighborhood. Real stone veneer can be used in a variety of different ways and there are several stone options to choose from. If you want to share the beauty and elegance of spray on stone with your customers, read more about the benefits of stone veneer siding.

Easy to Install

enVision Stone wants to make the process of installing our product as easy as possible to ensure a quick and easy installation that will save your customers money. We provide assistance on the first projects to ensure proper procedures are followed. Our stone veneer is fast and easy to clean, making installations a breeze.

No Demolition

Projects that require demolition time often take longer and are more costly to both the contractor and the homeowner. enVision Stone’s real stone veneer requires no demolition because the stone is sprayed directly onto any wall for a total stone transformation. Don’t waste time by removing existing structures or surfaces to install stone blocks, use our spray stone that adheres to any surface.

Attaches to Existing Structures

Our real stone veneer is lightweight, approximately five pounds per square foot. With this benefit, our product can be used virtually anywhere, from floors and walls, to ceilings. Because our product is so lightweight, no additional weight support is needed, adding to the speed and ease of installation.

Interior and Exterior

When homeowners want to give their home an upgrade, you can suggest our stone veneer for both interior and exterior. Add a unique corner stone feature on the exterior, give a whole new facade, easily add real stone to a fireplace on the interior, or create a featured wall of real stone. Our lightweight stone veneer can even be used on ceilings.


There are many options to choose from, including different patterns, colors, sizes, and shapes. Your customers can choose from different vertical patterns for bathroom walls, different horizontal patterns for walkways or patios, and colors including cappuccino, flannel, saddle brown, sandstone, or wood stock.

Real Stone

You can give the appearance of real stone in homes because it is real stone! Our product is made from actual stone that is ground up so that it can be sprayed on. It will have the look and feel of real stone with great texture and grout lines.

Offer something new and different to your customers, a real stone product that will impress any homeowner with it’s quick installation and beautiful look.