What is Spray on Stone?

Fashionable homeowners are always looking for the new trends in home remodeling. Here is the beginning of a new trend that will soon be taking over the industry: stone veneer. If you take a drive around your area and look at the different types of siding on houses or commercial buildings, you won’t find a lot of variety. Vinyl siding and sometimes brick seem to be the standard in housing; a bright color is how homeowners stand out from the crowd. However, contractors now have something new to offer anyone looking to build new construction homes or remodel the interior or exterior of their home.

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spray on stone veneer enVision Stone

Why Choose Spray on Stone?

At enVision Stone, we created a product that is stone but can be sprayed onto any surface. We have spent years developing our product that can achieve the natural look, feel, and texture of real stone. This is possible because we use real stone! We grind up different types of stone and use this fine grain material to add unique features to home’s facade, interior walls, fireplaces, floors, and even ceilings. Because enVision Stone’s product is made from real stone, it also has the same benefits as real stone.


Spray on stone veneer may sound like it will end up falling apart, cracking, and rotting away over time; but because our spray on stone is actual stone, it has the same strength and life. When you install our stone facade for your customers, you can assure them that there’s no need to worry about the stone deteriorating. Actually, our real stone will continue to harden for up to two years after the installation.

Mold-Resistantspray on stone application enVision Stone

Our spray on stone contains high alkaline content which resists mold growth. If you are installing a stone facade on a home, weather concerns may arise. However, you can put homeowners at ease knowing that our product will not be affected by mold. Cold weather is also not a concern, as our real stone can hold up to freezing temperatures.


Stone veneer products are often low quality and flake away over time. Our real stone veneer will hold up to time, weather, moisture, and tests of strength. You and your customers can be confident that fireplace facades, interior stone walls, floors, walkways, exterior facades, and arches will all hold together without worry for years.


The only limits with our spray-on stone veneer are your imagination! Not only can real stone veneer be applied on any surface of a home — both interior and exterior, but it can also be used to create a variety of patterns, colors, and textures. View our gallery to see some of the multitude of ways that spray on stone from EnVision Stone has been used for!


One of the greatest perks that spray on stone provides is its lightweight consistency. Averaging roughly six pounds per square foot, spray on stone veneer is light enough to be applied to any surface — from fireplace mantles and exterior columns to even ceilings and atriums. Any surface of a home that you would like to feature the impeccable look and durability of stone is now possible thanks to our spray on stone materials!

Our Spray On Stone vs. The Other Guys

When it comes to stone veneer, there is no comparing other manufactured stone veneer products of the past to our revolutionary spray on stone comprised of real stone materials. Learn more about the differences between manufactured and real stone veneer.

Contractors — if you’ve been looking for a new option to provide your clients that offers a modern, exquisite look yet is still affordable, then this is for you.

Spray on stone veneer is growing in popularity because of it’s quick and easy installation process as well as providing contractors and homeowners alike with finished projects they are truly proud of.

The difference with enVision Stone’s stone veneer is that we don’t take shortcuts with faux stone, and you shouldn’t either. Get the real thing for your customers — giving them a variety of color, shape, pattern, and size choices while saving you time and money. What are you waiting for? Contact enVision Stone today to get a free quote.