Transformation of Floors With Applied Stone

Structures will immediately have an elegance and a deep character when renovated with real stone veneer. Because stone has such deep history, businesses and homes alike will look like they are from another age simply by installing real, spray-on stone from enVision Stone. Floors especially can enhance this image and give an appearance of being centuries old. Transforming floors with real stone veneer is easy and cost effective in any renovation project.


The space in a home where people gather to cook and entertain, the kitchen is a great place to utilize this innovative product. With a variety of choices for color, shape, size, and design of the stone, enVision Stone has a product that will match a homeowner’s style and existing kitchen design. The woodstock color will match beautifully with both white cabinets as well as darker cabinets for a classic look.

spray stoneBusiness Entryway

Whatever your business is, real stone veneer can transform the floor of the entryway into a dignified office space. When renovating a business space, it is essential to have a welcoming entryway where clients and customers are excited to learn more and hopefully work with that business. Transforming boring carpet into real stone will entice customers in and give the overall look of the business an upgrade.

Home Entryway

Bring the focus to the floor when family and guests enter a home. The first thing that people do when coming into a home is often looking past the entryway into the interior of the home. Transform regular vinyl flooring into something unique and special using spray-on stone. Match the rest of the existing style with the choice of color, pattern, size, and shape of the stone. Transform the floor with a special stone product.

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A distinctive driveway material could be concrete, pavers, or brick; but these materials are still used fairly often. Transform a boring asphalt or concrete driveway into stone with varieties of colors and designs to choose from. Not only will a real stone driveway give the home a deeper character, it will increase the value of the home.

outdoor stone veneerPatio or Pool Deck

Outdoor stone veneer has the strength and durability to outlast many other patio materials. When people are walking constantly on this surface and harsh weather is wearing down the material, install a product that will last. Real stone veneer can transform the space and will last for years. Colors and patterns can be chosen that will incorporate the patio with the surrounding landscaping as well.

Real stone veneer doesn’t have to be just for siding, walls, and fireplaces, horizontal surfaces can also utilize the innovative product from enVision Stone. With spray-on stone, conventional materials like vinyl, wood, or concrete can be transformed into something special and eye catching. Real stone veneer is easy to install because it is applied directly onto the existing surface and can add value to any business or home. Driveways, entryways, or patios can be renovated and transformed into something new, but still giving the surface a history and character. See how enVision Stone can transform your space.