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Reasons To Renovate Your Restaurants With Stone Veneer

Whether it be a bar, bistro, or restaurant, every Dallas business owner knows the importance of ambience for not only creating a welcoming environment, but also for keeping up with the architectural trends and competition in this bustling city. Your fine establishment may have the best burger in town or the finest regional craft beers, but if the look and feel of your place is out of date or even off-putting compared to the other options, it can be difficult to grow a loyal customer base.

While we know at enVision stone that keeping up with the latest interior design trends isn’t very high on your priority list as a restaurant or bar owner, updating the environment of where your guests come to relax, unwind after a long day of work, and get their grub on is always a worthwhile investment — especially when it’s the traditional rustic look real stone veneer provides.

The following are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive when you make the decision to implement real tone veneer in your restaurant, whether for stone walls, stone floors, stone tables, stone bar tops, stone patios, or anything else in your establishment. The possibilities are truly endless for your restaurant remodel with real stone veneer.

Benefits of Real Stone Veneer For Restaurant Remodeling

Stone Veneer for Restaurants

More Affordable Than Traditional Masonry

Traditional stone or brick masonry can become a costly endeavor very quickly, as many masonry companies will charge you an arm and a leg per square foot of coverage in your restaurant. Not to mention, installing your new brick or stone piece by piece takes significantly more time, meaning your shop is closed for renovations and loses vital business for longer. With spray-on stone facade, you have real stone applied to any surface in your restaurant in a matter of hours rather than days, meaning your business can be on hiatus for minimal time and be back up and running with a beautiful new look much quicker.

Adds Real Detail

There’s a reason that stone has been a literal cornerstone to architectural design for centuries and is still being incorporated in contemporary designs around the world — it looks great. Stone offers a look, feel, and level of detail that is unparalleled by any other material type, and with the advanced technology of our spray-on stone facade, you can choose any color and texture of stone that best fits your restaurant’s feng shui. Stone is also one of those materials that is unmatched in terms of its capability to perfectly compliment any style of interior or exterior design.

Lasts for a Lifetime

While manufactured stone can inevitably age, crack, and fade over time, when you choose to install natural stone veneer, you are getting real stone that is less porous, meaning it is durable enough to withstand the elements and keep your business looking as pristine as the day you opened for years to come.

Minimal Upkeep Required

Along with lasting longer than most other restaurant remodeling materials, real stone veneer is also incredibly simple to upkeep. For outdoor areas where you have stone facade installed, you can use a pressure washer for a quick cleaning solution, or you can scrub real stone veneer without worry of taking away color from the surface if you’re inside.

The right look can make your restaurant more sophisticated, inviting, and noticeable to passersby. Adding that elegant touch of stone will keep returning customers talking and make prospective customers want to stop in to see what you have to offer them along with your inviting atmosphere.

If you are a Dallas restaurant owner or contractor interested in using real stone veneer for your remodeling projects, reach out to us at enVision stone to learn more about our revolutionary spray-on stone facade and get a free quote on affordable real stone veneer.

Caring For Stone Siding

Stone siding on homes has an incomparable look and an elegance that is hard to beat. When your contractors renovate a home to upgrade the appearance of the home with stone veneer, you want to give them the best product and service available. At enVision Stone, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the personal attention and care that you want to give your clients. In an effort to succeed, we want to give contractors the necessary tools to educate your clients on how to properly care and maintain stone veneer siding.

After completing a renovation, the last thing you or your client wants is to see cracks in the surface due to poor maintenance. The good news is that enVision Stone’s product is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Our product acts like real stone, because it is real stone! However, that doesn’t mean that it can be installed and left to weather the elements on its own. Stone, just like any other material, does need regular cleaning and maintenance performed to ensure that it will last for years to come. Keep reading to learn the necessary information needed to inform and educate your clients on how to clean and care for their new stone veneer siding.

Stone Veneer DallasSealing the Stone

After the stone has fully dried and set, it’s important to properly seal the stone to ensure that moisture does not seep into the stone. Be sure that the sealer used allows the stone to breathe. With the varying weather in the Dallas area, changes in humidity can cause damage to the structure of the stone. Penetrating sealers will not change the look or color of the stone, and resealing the siding won’t have to be done again for around five years. Contractors should apply a sealer to the stone, rather than the homeowner, so that every surface is covered.

Annual Inspection

Every homeowner who has stone veneer installed onto the siding of their home should inspect the surface once or twice a year. Instruct the homeowner to look around windows, gutters, and other elements of the home for signs of damage. Even though our stone is incredibly strong and will stand up to heavy weather, over time, the stone could be damaged through impact or vibration. Inspect the siding for cracks or loose pieces surrounding any edges.

Fixing Any Cracks

If there are any cracks in the stone, the best method of repairing it will be to have a professional contractor come back to the home. This will ensure that the stone used will seamlessly match the existing siding. Fill in any cracks and gently smooth it out to cover up any inconsistencies in the appearance. Leave it alone to dry, and reinspect to check that everything has been properly fixed.

Cleaning the Stone

To prevent damaging the stone with cleaning chemicals, simply use water mixed with a small amount of vinegar, dish soap, or any other mild soap. Gently scrub the stone with a wet sponge and rinse the siding with your garden hose. Homeowners can use a soft bristled brush to clean the stone veneer, but be mindful of avoiding wire brushes as they could scratch the surface. Pressure washing is another method of cleaning the siding; however, professionals should be contacted so that the right amount of pressure is used.

Stone Veneer Dallas

When contractors install stone veneer onto a home’s siding, you can be confident that they are getting a product that is superior.

  • Strength: Homeowners can rely on the strength of our stone because it is real stone.
  • Mold-Resistant: Even in heavy rains, homeowners don’t have to worry about mold or mildew developing because of the high-alkaline content of the stone.
  • Fast and Clean: For clients who want to complete a renovation quickly, enVision Stone has the product for them.
  • High-Quality: There’s no need to worry about the siding flaking or cracking.
  • Customizable: Homeowners can choose their own color, texture, size, and shape. With enVision Stone, you can give your clients the curb appeal they’ve always wanted.

If your clients want a unique product that will set their home apart, offer them real stone veneer from enVision Stone. After the renovation is complete, there is limited maintenance that needs to be done. A simple inspection of the stone and a quick clean once a year is enough to keep the surface strong. Learn more about our product by giving us a call today.

Preparing Homes For Winter

Heading into the winter season, even Dallas homes need to prepare and maintain their homes to prevent damage from cold wind and rain. The outside of the home as well as in the side need some cleaning and fine-tuning to ensure that everything is running efficiently and smoothly. enVision Stone wants to help contractors give their clients the best possible experience that will allow them to live in a home they love. To do this, here are some tips contractors can offer homeowners to make sure they are ready for winter, including cleaning up the landscaping and preventing mold with our innovative stone veneer application.

Preparing a Home For Winter

  • Tune-up Heating System: The last thing you want is the furnace to break down on the coldest night. Have a technician come out who can make sure that the system is running as it should and that there aren’t any carbon-monoxide leaks.
  • Inspect the Roof: Wind and rain can damage shingles and cause them to become loose or blow them away completely. Get the ladder out for a closer look or simply use some binoculars to get a good look closer to the ground and hire a roofer if anything needs repairing.
  • Caulk Around Windows and Doors: If you’ve noticed higher than normal utility bills, this task can make sure money isn’t being lost through your windows or doors. A tight seal will keep cold air out and hot air in.
  • Clean the Gutters: When the gutters are backed up with leaves and other debris, water can spill out and cause damage to vinyl siding, any wood trim, and the roof. This isn’t the most enjoyable task, but is definitely worth the time and effort.
  • Install Stone Veneer: Used on the outside of a home, this spray-on material is easy to maintain, giving homeowners more time to string up holiday lights.

Benefits of Stone Veneer


There isn’t a single homeowner out there who doesn’t dread hearing that they have mold in their home. This means having a professional remove the mold, making any necessary repairs to ensure it doesn’t come back, and keeping up with maintenance. With stone veneer, the high alkaline content makes the material mold-resistant, giving homeowners who had it stalled as siding peace of mind throughout the year.

Stone Veneer Dallas


Even the strongest siding can be damaged by wind, rain, or hail. enVision Stone’s stone veneer is made with real stone, not a composite material. Real stone gives homeowners a level of protection against the elements, no matter what comes along. When facing strong winds or freezing temperatures in the Dallas area, give homes a strong application that can stand up to them.

Fast and Clean

Contractors and homeowners will be thrilled to know that stone veneer is easy to install and easy to clean and maintain. Before harsh weather really sets in, install spray-on stone that can help homeowners prepare for the winter.

Even though Dallas may not face the toughest weather in the country, why not give your clients a beautiful and unique home while also giving them some added protection against wind and rain. They can also experience an installation that takes less time and money than other stone applications. Give us a call today to learn more.

Stone Colors to Use With Siding

When creating a cohesive look for a home’s appearance, you want to give the front a balance of colors and possibly even use a range of materials. The contrast between common vinyl siding and a touch of stone can be just the thing your client wants to give their Dallas home a unique curb appeal that is elegant and timeless. With the help of an innovative product, stone veneer from enVision Stone, and some design tips using complementary colors, your client will have a house they can’t wait to come home to.

There are five popular siding colors that your typical homeowner will choose: blue, green, beige, gray, and red or brown. With our spray-on stone, homeowners can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and other applications to match the existing color of the home. So what color should a homeowner choose for their stone siding that will look the best with their vinyl siding?

Stone Veneer Dallas

Blue Siding with Orange-toned Stone Veneer

Blue and orange might seem like a strange combination, but don’t be alarmed — enVision Stone will never make your client’s home look like a sports team’s home. And keep in mind that orange-toned stone is not the bright, bold orange you may have in mind. Our installers will create a color that includes soft oranges, yellows, and whites to make a final product that is natural and beautiful.

Green Siding with Red-toned Stone Veneer

Whether it’s stone steps leading to the front door or a section of the home that is being renovated with stone, soft, natural greens with red- or rust-toned stone creates the perfect look that will balance with nature and landscaping surrounding the home.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Beige Siding with Brown-tone Stone Veneer

Because beige is an off-white, nearly any stone color would complete the look beautifully. Using a stone that is a couple of shades darker than the siding will give the home’s facade contrast and a touch of texture. If the beige is already on the darker end, go the other direction and install a stone that is a few shades lighter.

Gray Siding with Blue-tone Stone Veneer

While gray isn’t a part of the color wheel, it naturally has some blue tones in it. For homeowners who want a neutral color but who want siding that is bit more bold than beige, gray is an excellent choice. Blue-toned stone will blend well with the siding, increasing the texture of the curb appeal. Just like beige siding, depending on the shade, the stone can either be a shade lighter or darker than the siding.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Red Siding with Red-tone Stone Veneer

A bold red siding balanced with calm, pale red tones in the stone will create a cohesive look for the home. Red and green are complementary colors, so the homeowner can pull in green to the overall look with the landscaping design. enVision Stone can create stone colors that have rust, oranges, and shades of red that will pull everything together.

When renovating a home with stone, it’s important to make sure that it has a cohesive look and not like an afterthought. With lightweight, easy-to-install spray on stone from enVision Stone, you can give your client a home that will stand out in their Dallas neighborhood. Call us today to learn more.

Use Stone Veneer in These 6 Home Styles

There are several home design styles, from colonial to mid-century modern, and whatever style your home is, you can still have a contemporary look with the timeless stone material. With stone veneer, you’re not tied down to one type of stone or one color. With that freedom, you can easily fit a stone fireplace, stone floors, or even stone siding into your design.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Stone Veneer Dallas

Mid-century Modern

This design style became popular after the Second World War due to an expansion of cities and suburban lifestyles. The clean lines, functional space, and minimal feel in this type of design is the perfect type of home to incorporate stone veneer. A mid-century modern home often has one focal point in a home and the remaining items in the space are simple and clean. If you’re renovating a mid-century home, consider refinishing or creating a fireplace that has smooth, straight lines and a bold color.

Stone Veneer Dallas


Southwestern style homes are known for their stucco siding, bright but natural colors, natural materials, and texture. The keep the homes cool, interior floors and patios are often constructed using tile. Get the same look and feel of a Southwest home in Dallas with beautiful floors made of stone veneer, and for a budget-friendly cost. The color of the floor in the most important part and with enVision Stone, we can customize a color that suits the home and the existing decor.

Stone Veneer Dallas


Instantly recognizable, Victorian homes are tall, often have wrap around porches, large windows, impressive staircases, and an asymmetrical design. Because Victorian homes have such a rich history, it’s an easy design style to find spaces that will look great with the classic stone material. Consider adding stone veneer to the entryway stairs or stone details in the kitchen and various rooms throughout the house.

Stone Veneer Dallas


This style began in California and has a focus on handmade features that promote craftsmanship, hence the name, rather than machine-made features. The majority of craftsman homes have a front porch that features large, tapered columns. This is a great style to renovate a part of the facade with stone veneer. Don’t remodel the entire home’s siding, but a section around the entryway door or a part of the upper level around bedroom windows.

Stone Veneer Dallas


Most commonly found in more rural areas, these houses were built with simplicity in mind. They often have the overall shape of a barn, with simple, vertical lines, and with an added porch featuring decorative railings. Often with large kitchens, use stone veneer to create custom backsplashes that will bring this style of home into the modern world.

Stone Veneer Dallas


Recognizable by the square shape and front door that is in the middle of the home, this design style often has two windows on both sides of the front door and five windows on the upper level. Direct the viewer’s eye to the front door by adding a wide sidewalk or path that leads directly to the center of the home. Whatever pattern you choose, from rounded stones to a brick look, it will give your home a classic look with a modern feel.

When setting out to renovate homes with such a design history with some stone touches, it’s important to keep the original structure and details. With stone veneer, the renovation can be done easily, quickly, and the finished project will only enhance the home’s architecture. Learn more about spray stone at enVision Stone.

Kitchen Renovations With Stone Veneer

When completing a home renovation, the kitchen is a “wow” space, right? When homeowners want to give their home a unique and innovative design, the kitchen is where they will spend the most time and money. With so many different aspects that can be focused on, such as the cabinets, floors, and countertops, many homeowners are sticking to the same common materials — hardwood and granite countertops. When creating a design plan for a kitchen renovation, contractors can now give their customers an option that they won’t find in their neighbors’ kitchens. Real stone veneer can replace these too-popular materials and give homeowners a cost-effective option that will wow their guests. What surfaces can be redone with stone veneer in the kitchen?

Stone Veneer Dallas

Island Wall

Stone Veneer DallasThe open floor plan in kitchen has been popular for years and it’s here to stay. To get the counter space homeowners need in this plan, they often opt for a large island with a sink and enough space to add bar stools for a breakfast bar. A common option is using wood panels to create the island wall that is facing out toward the rest of the home. However, surprise homeowners by suggesting stone veneer. With the customizable material, you can pull in colors from the surrounding spaces and make the open floor plan a cohesive space.


Ceramic, glass, or metal are trending materials to use as a backsplash in the kitchen, but even these newer materials are fading in popularity and are a difficult choice to swallow when considering they could go out of style in just a few years. This is a great opportunity to bring in stone veneer that is both a modern material, but has a classic and timeless look. The design options are endless as well, your customers can choose their own pattern, color, and shape of the stone.


Stone Veneer DallasWhen your kitchen renovation clients are vying for hardwood floors, suggest the durable and cost-saving stone veneer instead. Not only is the material strong and saves them money, it is easy to install and gives them a unique look that will give their kitchen the exclusive feel they want. With a variety of patterns and shapes, they can customize the floors and create a style that is like no other.


You don’t often see fireplaces in the kitchen, especially in the Dallas climate, but this could be the design element that your client is looking for. For homeowners who want to set their kitchen apart from the standard design, a fireplace that is finished with stone veneer will give the home a country look and a cozy feeling. Balance the stone fireplace with other, softer materials and the entire kitchen will be a focal point.

enVision Stone wants to give contractors a way to impress home renovation clients with a product that combines technology, engineering, and artistry. Our stone veneer is made of real stone that takes less time to install, saves your company and clients money, and is strong and reliable. For an innovative look that gives the popular materials a run for their money, give your clients stone veneer.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Save Money With Spray-on Stone

spray stoneThere are several different types of stone and all of them have their own pros, cons, and costs. When working with clients, it can be challenging to complete a finished product that they love, is within their budget, and includes the stone that they dreamed of. With enVision Stone, they can get all of the above. Our innovative stone veneer can be used in a variety of projects, can give your clients the look they desire and is cheaper to install, which saves them money. When coming up with a quote for a client, be sure to go over these pros and cons for different types of stone and tell them about the benefits of spray-on stone.

Stone Veneer


Stone Veneer DallasPros:

  • Heat Resistance: Home and business owners won’t have to worry about placing hot pots or pans on the countertop and melting or blistering the stone.
  • Scratch Resistance: One of the more durable stones, there aren’t many minerals that can scratch the surface of granite.
  • Stain Resistance: Depending on the color your client chooses, the granite won’t require a sealer. The lighter the stone is, the more coats of sealer it will need in order to be stain-resistant.


  • Price: While there is some variance in the price, a typical kitchen renovation using granite will cost the homeowner up to $4,000.
  • Repairs: If a chip in the stone occurs, it should repaired by a professional. Chips can usually be filled with a color-matched epoxy. Chips tend to occur near the end of under mounted sinks.
  • Seams: With an L or U shaped countertop, there will be seems at each bend.


Stone Veneer DallasPros:

  • Versatility: Limestone is a popular choice for clients due to what projects it can be used for, such as bathroom or kitchen renovations for both home and office.
  • Price: Of the natural stones, limestone is one of the least expensive options. When completing floor renovations, it will save your client a considerable amount when compared to other options.


  • Durability: Limestone is a softer stone when compared to granite. This means there is an increase chance of scarring, scratching, and chipping.
  • Sensitive: Your clients will have to be careful about what touches the stone. For example, lemon juice could cause an etching on the surface if it isn’t properly sealed.


Stone Veneer DallasPros:

  • Beautiful: Marble can be used for various projects and match many homeowner’s styles. Also, depending on which type of marble is chosen, it can be affordable.
  • Heat Resistant: Similar to granite, this stone can hold up to the heat of pots and pans.


  • Porous: Clients who plan on using marble in their home or office need to know that wine, juice, or oil can cause serious staining. Resealing the surface needs to be done every six months.
  • Scratches: Marble is another softer stone, which leaves it vulnerable to etching, stains, chips, and scratches.

enVision Stone

  • Stone Veneer DallasStrong: With real stone veneer, your clients can get the beauty and strength of stone. Not made with imitation products, you’re getting the real thing with enVision.
  • Mold-Resistant: Making this a great product for both indoors and outdoors, there’s never a worry about rainy days or pouring water on floors or countertops.
  • Fast and Clean: Installing stone veneer is a dream come true for home contractors. The spray-on stone is easy and quick to install, which saves both you and your clients money on labor costs.
  • Customizable: Our stone veneer comes in a variety of colors and can be installed and finished in whatever shape and size is desired. Does your client want a new fireplace, back yard patio, kitchen floors, bathroom tiles, or updated facade on their home? Complete them all with spray-on stone.
  • Light Weight: Adding to the ease of installation, stone veneer can even be applied to ceilings.

Home and business owners have a lot of choices when it comes to their renovations. When it comes to choosing a type of stone for their entryway, floors, walls, and patios, conventional choices make it hard to stay within their budget. With real stone veneer supplied by enVision Stone, clients can experience real stone at an affordable price and contractors can save time and money on the installation process.

Contact enVision Stone today to learn more about our innovative product and how we can save you and your client’s money on renovation projects.

How enVision Is Changing The Stone Veneer Game

When you look at stone exteriors of homes and buildings, you might think that they look quite traditional. But just how far back does stone veneer date, and how has it changed over the years?

An Overview Of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer, or stone siding, today is used as a decorative exterior option for homes and architecture, but at one point it was used more as a protective barrier from the elements and other enemies. There are two types of stone veneer: natural and manufactured. Natural stone veneer is cut to a certain thickness and affixed to a wall or structure. In general, this stone must not weigh more than 15 pounds per square foot. If it exceeds this weight, then extra structural supports will need to be installed. Manufactured stone veneer is created to look like natural stone but is a much cheaper option, as well as easier to install. However, while natural stone is one of the most durable exteriors available, manufactured stone can fade and crack.

enVision Stone: The New Standard In Manufactured Stone

We have been developing our stone veneer spray for years to ensure that it can withstand the test of time just like real stonework. We’ve done this by creating our veneer from real stone – meaning it is as strong as stone, but lightweight and less expensive. This means you save time and money when you install enVision real stone veneer.

Okay, now that you know a little more about stone veneer in general, let’s discuss the history of its use in design and construction.

Ancient Rome

The use of stone veneer wasn’t prominent until the late 1800s, but there are ruins from as early at 70 AD that suggest the use of stone veneer. Most notably, parts of the Roman Colosseum were adorned with marble siding, which has since been lost through time. However, there are still holes in the Colosseum from structural supports that anchored the marble veneer panels to the building. This type of veneer can be seen throughout other parts of the Roman Empire, including stone block veneer in aqueducts and other structures.

Late 19th Century

During the span of time between the Roman Empire and the late 1800s, there was not a whole lot of headway in the use of stone veneer. However, just before the turn of the 20th century, modern stone veneer siding began to emerge. Large pieces of natural stone were cut into big slabs, and then hand chiseled to the appropriate size and thickness for stone panels. These stones ranged from granite and marble to limestone and slate. Originally, this type of veneer was only used for interior projects and street-level facades.


Up until this point there wasn’t a ton of regulation regarding the thickness of the stone panels, but during this time one-and-a-half inches became standard thickness. These stone veneer panels were affixed using both mortar and steel support anchors for added stability. With this more sturdy method of application, stone veneer began to complete entire building facades.


Most of the stone veneer construction that we see today stemmed from this time period. During this time, transportation methods improved and the cost of stone veneer dropped significantly. New methods were also developed to attach veneer to new surfaces.


As technology progressed, stone veneer was able to be cut down to about ⅛ inch thick in the 1980s, but today is usually around 3 centimeters in thickness. These days, stone is becoming more popular as a “green” choice for building materials, but it is also a more expensive siding than other exterior options.

Stonework is gorgeous and desirable, but can also get expensive for a big project. That’s why enVision Stone has developed our real stone veneer spray that looks just like traditional stonework, is made from real stone, and is just as durable. However, it is lightweight and easy to apply, saving you time and money while still giving a timeless look to your home.

Save Time And Money With Envision

Our spray stone siding installation and materials will cost you about half the price of traditional masonry construction, while still being a quality product. Don’t believe that “spray on stone” can look as great as the real thing? Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Check out our photo gallery, and contact us today to learn how you can start offering enVision real stone veneer siding to your clients.

How To Upgrade Homes To Fit Any Style With Real Stone Veneer

When many people think of stone exteriors, their mind may go to one or two styles of homes that traditionally have masonry work. But adding real stone veneer to the exterior of a home can greatly enhance the style of the home without distracting from key characteristics. Today we wanted to take a moment to discuss five of our favorite traditional home styles, and how you, as a contractor, could enhance your client’s home with our enVision Stone spray stone veneer without the hefty price tag of traditional stonework.

Spanish Colonial Revival: This is the quintessential Southwest style home, characteristically adorned with white stucco exterior and red clay roofs. These houses are abundant where we are in Texas, and can be found throughout the south and into California. Many of your clients may be looking for a way to upgrade their traditional home while still staying true to a Spanish style. One key to Spanish Colonial homes is that they are designed to look natural, as if they popped up straight from the ground. Therefore, to keep with the style, you’ll want to use a light-wash real stone veneer finish with an organic pattern. While changing the white stucco exterior might take away from the Southwest charm, these homes traditionally have an inner courtyard that acts as an extension of the living space. While these courtyards are sometimes made from brick or tile, opting for a light wash stone veneer patio can create that truly natural look that brick and tile can’t achieve.

Craftsman: Craftsman style homes are characterized by quaint features like dormers, exposed chimneys, and covered porches supported with battered columns. These homes make the perfect candidate for using real stone veneer to enhance their features. The craftsman home was born from the Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe, and unlike Spanish style homes, they are known for having multiple textures and mediums – as if someone did an arts and crafts project. Adding stone veneer exterior to dormers, columns, and chimneys adds an incredible amount of character to the home, and will definitely make your clients happy. To tie everything together, adding a stone veneer skirt to a wrap-around porch looks great in any landscape.

Ranch Style: Ranch style homes are popular throughout America because of their ability to suit open floor plans. They are usually asymmetrical and wider than they are deep, meaning they have a long, bare exterior with minimum ornamentation. With just a stucco or vinyl exterior, these houses can, frankly, look a little boring from the front curb. One way to break up the monotony is to add a stone wainscoting to the exterior that hits just below the window level. This adds dimension and character to the home, but can get very expensive if using real stonework because there is so much area to cover on a ranch style home. That’s where EnVision Stone Real Stone Veneer comes in. Application is quick and easy, and will save your client thousands of dollars while still getting the home of their dreams. For this wainscoting, we recommend using a smaller, tighter stone pattern, but as always, talk to your client and find what style they are going for.

Tudor Style: Tudor homes are few and far between these days, and the people who buy Tudor homes do so because they love the style and it’s not something they want to give up. Tudor homes are medieval-meets-renaissance, and have steeply pitched gable roofs, oversized chimneys, ornamental doorways, and an exposed wood frame, with stucco or stonework between the beams. If your client does not want to update the original exterior of the home, perhaps you can suggest a stone pathway that will add a cottagey feel to the home. Using a cobblestone-like pattern with real stone veneer will keep things looking traditional and cozy. However, if the home’s stonework is falling apart, you can update the exterior with our stone veneer spray that is mold resistant so it won’t rot the walls underneath.

Antebellum Style: These are the homes that you drive by in the south and think, “Wow, these people must have a LOT of money.” These homes are also called plantation homes, and are known for having towering Greek pillars and columns, multiple balconies, symmetrical and evenly spaced windows, a covered porch, a grand entryway, and an elegant staircase on the interior. These are the type of homes you see on a large estate, and often times these are passed down through a family. So you may be wondering what else could we add to this already extravagant home? If you have a client in one of these houses, there is actually a lot you could do to enhance their homes. Adding a sprawling stone veneer pathway in the backyard that opens up into a garden is a great place to start. You could also create a beautiful stone patio, or even enhance the backyard with an outdoor fireplace they would be sure to love.

Why Use enVision Spray Stone Veneer?

At enVision Stone, we have spent years testing and developing a spray stone veneer for interior and exterior use. Our real stone veneer holds up to the test of time because it is made from real stone. This means that your client can still indulge in beautiful stonework without the price tag that comes with traditional masonry. Find out more today!

Landscaping Ideas Using Stone

The climate in Dallas makes it difficult to create unique, beautiful, and natural landscaping. Landscapers face many different challenges when designing a family’s front or back yard or working with commercial businesses to freshen up their space. It’s essential that landscapers use a variety of materials to create a landscape theme that will impress any home or business owner. Consider using stone veneer for your next renovation. Here are just a few things you can do with spray stone made from real stone.

Transform a Driveway

Landscaping is more than planting a few trees in the back yard. It can be a whole makeover for homes. A driveway is the very first contact that someone has with a home, so it needs to be just as amazing as the surrounding landscape. With enVision Stone, landscapers and their clients can choose from a variety of different patterns, colors, and shapes. Imagine small cobblestones to give the driveway a European feel, or large stone slabs that will make the driveway look bigger.

stone veneer

Create a Courtyard

The first thing you think about when imagining a courtyard is the ground. A large, open space that is lush with greenery and native Dallas plants with little alcoves for sitting and relaxing, maybe a waterfall bubbling in the distance. This scene comes together with stone features throughout the courtyard. A walkway leading to sitting areas made from real stone veneer that has a cooling effect to the space. The waterfall or birdbath beautifully made from stone add the finishing touches.

real stone veneerUse Texture

A walkway in a courtyard that leads to a nestled sitting area may sound delightful, but add some personality to the walkway with texture. Combine different methods of stone applications to create smaller pebblestones and place larger pieces of stone on top for stepping stones. Children and families will love venturing through their courtyard, their eyes bouncing from texture to texture.

Build a Staircase

Not a traditional interior staircase, but a few steps to create layers and add depth to the landscape. Imagine two steps and the top of the third step is two or three feet deep to make a second level; then, more steps and another level. At the top is a quiet pool of water or sitting area. This is perfect for yards near a rolling hill that need some character. Add flower pots to the levels to add natural texture.

real stone veneerOutdoor Fireplace or Firepit

Even nights in Dallas can get cool. A stone veneer fireplace or firepit will make a great focal point for any landscape and give families something to gather around at night. This is also a chance to switch up the texture of the space again. If the surrounding ground is smooth stone, design the fireplace using rounded stone pieces that have an old-age fireplace look.

Outdoor Shower

Perfect for clients with a pool or pets that have a tendency to get dirty often, an outdoor shower made from real stone allows homeowners to rinse off after a dip in a chlorinated pool or clean off their pets before heading inside. The shower can be designed using a smooth surface or give it a more rustic feel with stone slabs. Or again, mix up the texture and use both!

Landscapers in Dallas may be challenged with what materials they can use, but with real stone veneer as an option, the ideas are endless. Textured walkways, pebblestone driveways, or rustic showers, give your clients something unique and natural. enVision Stone prides ourselves on providing contractors, landscapers, and home builders with an option that is easy to install, saves your client money, and adds a beautiful look to any space.

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