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Business Applications of Real Stone Veneer

As a new year is approaching, it might be time to upgrade the look of your Dallas business with a modern look, and the best place to begin is with your business entrance sign.

Why is this? No matter what type of business you run here in Dallas, your company entrance gives off an initial impression to your arriving visitors and potentially plays a role in the emergence of new visitors that would not have been stopped by otherwise.

When you’re looking for new design concepts for upgrading the look and feel of your company, no matter what industry, a stone sign incorporates an unmatched touch of rustic appeal. It’s been proven time and time again to be highly effective for not only increasing the aesthetic appeal of your place of business, but also increasing the visibility of your company to potential clients and customers.

Want to hear even more great news? With our revolutionary spray-on stone veneer at enVision Stone, you can achieve the look, feel, and authenticity of real stone without the hefty price tag that comes in most cases with a stone entrance sign.

While, in our opinion, just about any business in Dallas could benefit from stone business signage, the following are some of the most practical applications for businesses that can benefit the most from implementing the one-of-a-kind look of our custom-crafted real stone veneer for welcoming their guests.

Businesses That Benefit Most From Real Stone Veneer

Apartment Complexes and Subdivisions

Contractors and property managers, do you have a new residential project starting up that needs an affordable yet eye-catching entrance sign which will gather attention to your newly developed property? If so, then spray-on stone veneer is your best bet.

When people are searching for a new place to live, just like with any other large investment, first impressions mean everything — and your first impression when it comes to real estate is most certainly your neighborhood entrance. In fact, many people gather their perspective of a potential new home based off their passing by prior to ever setting foot in a model house or apartment. For this reason, your property entrance should not be neglected, but, in fact, prioritized so that it serves as an ideal representation for what visitors can expect from the rest of your construction. The rustic appeal of real stone veneer provides any neighborhood entrance with a congenial feel while also providing an initial impression that shows your property is a worthwhile place to potentially call home.

Medical Offices

The clean-cut look of a stone entrance sign is a common design trait of many medical practices, especially when it comes to their entrance signs. Whether you own or operate a private dental, dermatology, optometry, podiatry, or any other similar practice, real stone veneer provides an affordable method for achieving this iconic look for your medical office in the Dallas or Fort Worth area.

Local Retailers

Want to get more people walking into your store from the streets of Dallas? A stone veneer sign can be a viable solution. The real stone veneer provided by enVision Stone offers a great method for upgrading the look of any retail store’s entrance due to the fact it can be sprayed directly onto any existing surface! Many retail businesses in Dallas struggle with establishing a presence due to their lack of visibility. Luckily, with a quality stone sign, you can make the most of every inch of street view your business has and capture the attention of passersby.

Law Offices

Stone signs are also a remarkable solution for showcasing your attorney or law office in Dallas. Not only do they convey an unmatched appearance  of professionalism, but stone signs also portray a sense of establishment, where clients will feel that they are in good hands upon arriving. Plus, with the variety of design capabilities accessible with spray-on stone veneer, you can customize your stone law office sign to have a traditional look or stand out from the pack with one more personalized to you and your practice.

Hotels and Resorts

When it comes to a quality hotel sign, you need something that is large enough to grab attention while also coming across in an elegant and welcoming manner. What works perfect for this? You guessed it — stone! Whether you’re building a new luxury resort or a contemporary hotel, a quality stone design is something endeared by all and provides a cordial welcome for those arriving at your establishment, along with a good-natured farewell as they depart.

Spray-on stone veneer in particular provides an affordable way to get the impeccable look of stone on even the grandest entrance signs out there, costing you significantly less per square foot than traditional stone masonry. Why pay the additional cost of having a large hotel sign built entirely out of stone when you can receive the same benefits for less time, cost, and hassle with the wonders of spray-on stone veneer? This way, you can put your funding toward other aspects of creating an exceptional experience for your visitors.

These are just a few of the copious applications that our real stone veneer at enVision Stone can be deemed beneficial for when you are looking to design a top-notch business entrance sign in Dallas. If you think your business could benefit from the iconic look of a stone entrance sign or you think that spray-on stone veneer could be of use to you in your next commercial building endeavor, contact us today to get a free custom quote for your specific project’s needs.

Stone Veneer Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up Your Home

As winter is on its way, it might be time to add an extra level of coziness to your home, and nothing is cozier than sitting next to a warm, crackling fireplace.


A fireplace can be the cornerstone behind any great living area of a home that should be beautifully designed because, inevitably, everyone is going to notice it. While brick can offer a traditional look, stone veneer fireplaces add an element of warmth and rustic style to any area of a home that is unmatched by its other masonry counterparts. No matter what your tastes are when it comes to home decor, nothing exudes the same class, style, and timeless elegance that stone offers.


With that being said, we here at enVision stone have gathered some ideas for you to use as inspiration for your potential next home remodeling project using our revolutionary spray-on stone veneer.


Refresh Your Current Fireplace With Stone Veneer

Have an existing fireplace that could use a facelift? Add some rustic charm to your hearth by incorporating the style of spray-on stone veneer all around your current gas or wood-burning fireplace. With enVision stone’s spray-on stone facade, you can easily apply a new, eloquent stone texture to your mantel right over your existing surface no matter if its brick, wood, tile, or any other form of hearth.


Liven Up Your Living Room With A Stone Accent Above Your Fireplace

When it comes to adding a touch of real stone veneer to your home’s interior design, why just stop at the fireplace? Extend your new rustic look upward into a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace by filling that blank space above your mantel with a textured spray-on stone veneer. Even if your existing wall was nothing more than plain-colored sheetrock, you can easily add stone veneer right over the top for an incredible new contemporary look, turning your fireplace into an entire accent wall in a quick turnaround.

Want to make your look even more contemporary? Use varying shades of stone veneer as you work your way up the wall to create a modern ambiance. You can even opt for a mosaic look that has unmistakable character.


Add A Stone Mantel To Your Wooden Fireplace

If you already have a cozy wooden fireplace in your home or cabin, adding a touch of stone with a new mantel can be the perfect addition to complete your rustic feng shui. How is this possible? Simply select your preferred color and texture of spray-on stone veneer, remove your existing mantel and spray your stone facade onto the mantel to transform your wooden mantel into a beautiful stone-covered mantel in no time!


Add Some Sizzle To Your Patio With A Stone Veneer Fire Pit

You have an incredible patio, so why should you let it go to waste for months out of the year simply due to the cold? With stone veneer fire pits, you can entertain guests or enjoy relaxation in solitude on your patio year round. They create a new warm place to gather around during the chillier months and best of all, the possibilities are endless with real stone veneer. You can customize the perfect patio piece to match the current aesthetics of your patio or choose a bold, eye-catching new look that stands out from the rest.


Bring Two Rooms Together With A Double-Sided Stone Veneer Fireplace

A double-sided fireplace is a much less daunting remodeling project then it may seem at a glance, and it has the capability of offering an entirely new feel to your home providing an exquisite new look and keeping multiple rooms warm and cozy simultaneously. Having a double-sided stone veneer fireplace also gives you the opportunity to choose two different styles for your fireplace design. This can be a lifesaver if you and your significant other seem to have different ideas in mind for the look of your stone fireplace as you can compromise and each design your own side to get the best of both worlds!


If you’re interested in using spray-on stone veneer for your next remodeling project, whether it be for a fireplace, fire pit, hearth, accent wall, or any other areas of your home, reach out to enVision stone today to select the best spray-on stone materials for your specific project.


Budget Friendly Accent Walls With Spray On Stone Veneer

Envision Stone is incredibly proud of the vast array of real stone veneer options we have to offer our contractor and homeowner clients in Dallas. One of the things we love most about our spray-on stone facade is just how versatile it can be. While stone is often considered to be an outdoor design element by many, there’s one interior application that can create an entirely new look for a home — amazing stone accent walls.

What Are Accent Walls?

An accent wall, as the name indicates, offers a little something extra compared to your typical run-of-the-mill wall design. Accent walls stand out yet complement the color scheme and feng shui of the rest of a business or home’s interior design. They are the focal points of a room, and stone accent walls are one of the most sought-after types in today’s home remodeling projects for their unique aesthetic appeal, texture, and dimension they provide to any room. Depending on the stone design that you select, you can have your accent wall blend into an environment or stand out from the surrounding elements.

Preparing To Build An Accent Wall

As one could imagine, constructing an accent wall can add an extra amount of effort into your remodeling process. Luckily, though, with our real stone veneer, it’s one of the easiest processes for a quick transformation to your interior design. Our spray-on stone facade can, in fact, be sprayed right over the top of your existing surface with little to no prep. No longer are the days of having to strip off sheetrock or apply new framing elements for attaching onto the existing wall. You can simply clean your wall surface, cover up the outlets, and start spraying!

The only thing you will want to be sure to do is to cover any surfaces in the room that you don’t want to come in contact with your veneer because while spray on stone veneer is incredibly simple, it can also certainly be messy. So be sure to remove furniture and thoroughly cover flooring and other walls prior to beginning to build your new accent wall.

Use Real Stone Veneer Your Next Renovation

Homeowners — ready to take your home remodeling project up a notch?

Contractors — want to wow your clients with your new concepts and capabilities? Real stone veneer is exactly what you need.

We’ve developed a terrific spray-on stone facade that mimics the look of real stone because it is real stone. Our skilled team can apply your real stone veneer in any color and pattern that you or your client wants in a short amount of time, so you check incredible accent wall off our list and move on to the rest of your renovations. Let us show you how it works and partner with you on your next renovation of a home or office.

Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started with the beauty and simplicity of real stone veneer.

The Environmental Benefits Of Real Stone Siding

There’s no denying it. The warm, welcoming look of a stone exterior is classic enough to withstand the test of time. Similarly, real stone siding and other stone exteriors are durable enough to resist weather and withstand the test of time and mother nature.


All of these are commonly known facts about stone exteriors, but what is less often discussed are the environmental benefits that exterior stone siding can offer. It is a great way to update your house without contributing nearly as many toxic byproducts to our ecosystem along with many more perks. The following are the top five benefits of real stone veneer siding for homeowners and the environment alike.


Stone Is Insulating

Insulation is a major factor in controlling the climate of your home. If your home is properly insulated, you’ll expend less energy (and less of your paycheck) keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Stone, which naturally resists shifts in temperature and doesn’t respond to changes in weather as quickly as other types of siding, is a great choice for adding an extra element of natural climate control to your residence.


Spray-On Stone Reduces Quarrying Of Scarce Natural Resources

Many types of traditional stone are large and quarried, which means that you are taking a great deal of relatively scarce materials in order to decorate your home. This why traditional stone exteriors are so expensive. These quarried materials can also lead to chemical runoff, leaching of toxins into groundwater, and other forms of ecosystem disruption. When you choose to apply spray-on stone veneer, you still get real stone and all of its impeccable features, but in a thinner makeup that consists of significantly fewer quarried inputs than other variations of stone applications.


Stone Is Fire Retardant

Besides the added safety elements of having a home that is less prone to fires, stone’s fire-retardant attributes also decrease the chances that a fire will release unhealthy toxins into the air that are consistent with many chemical-heavy siding types such as plastic and treated wood.


Stone Siding Uses No Unnatural Pigmentation

At enVision Stone, we don’t use any unnatural pigments in our stone siding — we instead take our color from natural stones. While you often see major color variation in quarried stones in showrooms, our real stone veneer is consistently colored and molded using a reliable process that produces beautiful results every time.

Doesn’t Environmentally Friendly Mean Expensive?

Many people are hesitant about choosing a stone siding exterior for their homes because they immediately revert to their recollections of real stone installation being a very costly endeavor. Luckily, with spray-on stone veneer from companies like enVision Stone, having stone facade installed for your home’s or business’s exterior is easier than ever, meaning it also is significantly less expensive of a project.


If you’ve been contemplating updating the look of your home or business exterior, our real stone veneer might just be for you. Not only do we offer a multitude of beautiful design options, but it is also among the most eco-friendly options in home remodeling today. You’ll feel assured when purchasing that you are getting the best product for the environment and your budget. Reach out today for a free quote from the leader in affordable spray-on stone materials.


Reasons To Renovate Your Restaurants With Stone Veneer

Whether it be a bar, bistro, or restaurant, every Dallas business owner knows the importance of ambience for not only creating a welcoming environment, but also for keeping up with the architectural trends and competition in this bustling city. Your fine establishment may have the best burger in town or the finest regional craft beers, but if the look and feel of your place is out of date or even off-putting compared to the other options, it can be difficult to grow a loyal customer base.

While we know at enVision stone that keeping up with the latest interior design trends isn’t very high on your priority list as a restaurant or bar owner, updating the environment of where your guests come to relax, unwind after a long day of work, and get their grub on is always a worthwhile investment — especially when it’s the traditional rustic look real stone veneer provides.

The following are just a few of the benefits you can expect to receive when you make the decision to implement real tone veneer in your restaurant, whether for stone walls, stone floors, stone tables, stone bar tops, stone patios, or anything else in your establishment. The possibilities are truly endless for your restaurant remodel with real stone veneer.

Benefits of Real Stone Veneer For Restaurant Remodeling

Stone Veneer for Restaurants

More Affordable Than Traditional Masonry

Traditional stone or brick masonry can become a costly endeavor very quickly, as many masonry companies will charge you an arm and a leg per square foot of coverage in your restaurant. Not to mention, installing your new brick or stone piece by piece takes significantly more time, meaning your shop is closed for renovations and loses vital business for longer. With spray-on stone facade, you have real stone applied to any surface in your restaurant in a matter of hours rather than days, meaning your business can be on hiatus for minimal time and be back up and running with a beautiful new look much quicker.

Adds Real Detail

There’s a reason that stone has been a literal cornerstone to architectural design for centuries and is still being incorporated in contemporary designs around the world — it looks great. Stone offers a look, feel, and level of detail that is unparalleled by any other material type, and with the advanced technology of our spray-on stone facade, you can choose any color and texture of stone that best fits your restaurant’s feng shui. Stone is also one of those materials that is unmatched in terms of its capability to perfectly compliment any style of interior or exterior design.

Lasts for a Lifetime

While manufactured stone can inevitably age, crack, and fade over time, when you choose to install natural stone veneer, you are getting real stone that is less porous, meaning it is durable enough to withstand the elements and keep your business looking as pristine as the day you opened for years to come.

Minimal Upkeep Required

Along with lasting longer than most other restaurant remodeling materials, real stone veneer is also incredibly simple to upkeep. For outdoor areas where you have stone facade installed, you can use a pressure washer for a quick cleaning solution, or you can scrub real stone veneer without worry of taking away color from the surface if you’re inside.

The right look can make your restaurant more sophisticated, inviting, and noticeable to passersby. Adding that elegant touch of stone will keep returning customers talking and make prospective customers want to stop in to see what you have to offer them along with your inviting atmosphere.

If you are a Dallas restaurant owner or contractor interested in using real stone veneer for your remodeling projects, reach out to us at enVision stone to learn more about our revolutionary spray-on stone facade and get a free quote on affordable real stone veneer.

Top 5 Home Improvement Trends Of 2018

With new trends constantly arising in the home remodeling industry, it can be difficult to decide which home improvement projects are best to apply to your own home — especially when looking to increase the value for a potential sell.

To ensure you are getting the most out of the projects you choose to tackle, it’s important to do plenty of research prior to picking up your tools and going to work or calling in the contractors.

In order to make the decision process less daunting for you, here at enVision Stone, we have compiled a comprehensive list of what our home improvement experts believe to be the most cost-effective and sought-after trends in 2018 when it comes to upgrading your home.

Stainless Steel Appliances

While this trend certainly isn’t new to 2018, it is one that has shown to be holding steady over the past few years as a popular upgrade that is well worth the time and money invested. Stainless steel as an unparalleled sleek look that is easy to clean, despite its inevitable susceptibility to fingerprints. They are also a factor that a majority of potential homeowners look for in a property for not only their style but energy efficiency and long lifespans.

Smart Homes

A multitude of different trends in smart home features have been coming and going in terms of popularity over the past five years. While they did not originally offer much in terms of adding value to homes for home improvement projects, now that the technology has become more advanced in these smart home systems, they might be worth looking into for your home.

From controlling your home lights, audio, and thermostat over your mobile device to advanced security systems, there are many smart home features that give your home an extra element of sophistication that can certainly entice potential buyers. In today’s world, people love easy and efficient, and that’s the name of the game when it comes to home technology.

Quartz Countertops

While granite, marble, and other surfaces seem to come in and out of style with fluctuating prices and demand, quartz is a trend that doesn’t appear to be going away at any point in the near future. Not only does it offer a unique and sophisticated style that will complement any kitchen’s feng shui but quartz is also a material that has proven to withstand the test of time, offering immense durability and easy maintenance. Having quartz countertops lets prospective buyers be assured that if they purchase your home, they won’t have to worry about the kitchen being remodeled anytime soon.

Bamboo Floors

One of the most practical flooring choices that also offers a sense of originality due to it still being a rare sight, bamboo is a trend that is on the rise in many modern homes. Not only is bamboo much more environmentally stable than other flooring options but it is more affordable than most traditional hardwood options available. You could always choose the least expensive route of synthetic hardwood, but as makers of real stone veneer for homes, we are firm believers in authenticity. Synthetic hardwood also is noticeable when compared to the real deal and does not last nearly as long. With bamboo flooring, you can also refinish it over and over again so that it basically lasts forever, compared to composite materials that can only be refinished once or twice before they will need to be replaced.

Real Stone Veneer

As you could have guessed, we are major fans of this home improvement trend. Real stone veneer is an ideal solution for transforming any worn, faded, and outdated exterior or interior home surface into practical works of art. It’s also one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades of this list!

The applications and benefits are endless when it comes to incorporating real stone facade for your home’s interior, exterior, or even landscaping. You can also save loads of money on your remodeling projects by choosing spray on stone facade over other stone options.

Entryways, floors, walls, patios, fireplaces, and exterior surfaces can all benefit from the strength and beauty of spray-on real stone veneer. It’s fast and clean as well as customizable to fit the unique style of any home.

Stone is certainly a look that has been in style for centuries — offering durability and unique patterns and textures that are unmatched by any other home surface material, it is a trend that will last as long as the stone itself does — forever.

If you are interested in real stone veneer for any application at your residential or commercial property in the Dallas area, reach out to the stone installation experts at enVision Stone for a custom quote and superior customer service. Or, you can learn more about all of the possibilities that real stone veneer has to offer you.

Manufactured vs. Real Stone Veneer

If you are looking to incorporate the incredible and timeless look of stone into your next home remodeling project or commercial building endeavor, it’s important to grasp what real stone veneer can offer to you when compared with the manufactured stone we frequently see today.

To get an idea of the differences between manufactured stone and real stone veneer, let’s take a look into how manufactured stone is created.

How Manufactured Stone Is Made

Manufactured stone is molded concrete that is artificially colored with paint in order to resemble the look of real stone. This product was developed in the 1950s and implemented into homes as a lighter alternative to traditional 4-inch thick, full-bed masonry stone, which was the only alternative at the time. Since then, stone-cutting technology has greatly advanced to where it can be cut into 1-inch or even ½-inch thick slabs — allowing for the application of thin yet real stone veneers.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Disadvantages of Manufactured Stone

While manufactured stone was once revolutionary for providing a lightweight alternative to real stone with a relatively similar look to the real deal, it still comes with a number of complications. For starters, there are usually only a few molds, so patterns repeat frequently within the stonework and it’s obvious that it’s fake. By having this repetitious nature, the man-made origins of the material are easily noticeable to both those in the world of construction and to the common naked eye.

While some high-end manufactured veneers offer more color and pattern versatility in attempts to avoid this factor, they are much more costly, eliminating the one main advantage of choosing manufactured products over real stone veneer — the price.

Manufactured stone will also never be as durable and long-lasting as real stone veneer is. Regardless of the quality of the manufactured material, there is no contest between the two as concrete and paint will fade and deteriorate over time due to the wear of the natural elements. As you can see through the majority of the world’s historical buildings that still stand today after thousands of years — real stone lasts.

Advantages of Real Stone Veneer

As aforementioned, real stone veneer is irreplaceable in terms of look and durability. People would turn to manufactured stone in the past in attempts to save money, have an easier installation, and to receive more variety in their choice of colors.

Now, thanks to spray-on stone veneer from enVision Stone, you can get all of these incredible benefits without having to sacrifice using real stone! Our real stone veneer is incredibly lightweight (at approximately 5 pounds per square foot), so it’s on a level playing field with its concrete counterparts. Since it is sprayed on, it is incredibly simple to install and doesn’t even require any demolition in order to do so. You can simply spray our spray-on stone facade on top of the existing surface and it will fully coat it and stick with ease. This means the possibilities are endless to where you can apply the look and feel of real stone for your home. Since it’s real stone, it will keep its color and last for a lifetime for both interior and exterior applications while manufactured stone requires a great deal of regular maintenance in order to keep it looking anywhere close to real stone.

So while manufactured stone may have had a good run during its prime time, why choose anything else but the real deal? Thanks to modern stone technology, and more specifically, enVision Stone’s spray-on stone, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate real stone veneer into your remodeling projects or new home.

Want to learn more about our revolutionary spray-on stone facade? Reach out to us before you start your next project in the Dallas area to see how our real stone veneer products could benefit you.


Caring For Stone Siding

Stone siding on homes has an incomparable look and an elegance that is hard to beat. When your contractors renovate a home to upgrade the appearance of the home with stone veneer, you want to give them the best product and service available. At enVision Stone, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the personal attention and care that you want to give your clients. In an effort to succeed, we want to give contractors the necessary tools to educate your clients on how to properly care and maintain stone veneer siding.

After completing a renovation, the last thing you or your client wants is to see cracks in the surface due to poor maintenance. The good news is that enVision Stone’s product is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Our product acts like real stone, because it is real stone! However, that doesn’t mean that it can be installed and left to weather the elements on its own. Stone, just like any other material, does need regular cleaning and maintenance performed to ensure that it will last for years to come. Keep reading to learn the necessary information needed to inform and educate your clients on how to clean and care for their new stone veneer siding.

Stone Veneer DallasSealing the Stone

After the stone has fully dried and set, it’s important to properly seal the stone to ensure that moisture does not seep into the stone. Be sure that the sealer used allows the stone to breathe. With the varying weather in the Dallas area, changes in humidity can cause damage to the structure of the stone. Penetrating sealers will not change the look or color of the stone, and resealing the siding won’t have to be done again for around five years. Contractors should apply a sealer to the stone, rather than the homeowner, so that every surface is covered.

Annual Inspection

Every homeowner who has stone veneer installed onto the siding of their home should inspect the surface once or twice a year. Instruct the homeowner to look around windows, gutters, and other elements of the home for signs of damage. Even though our stone is incredibly strong and will stand up to heavy weather, over time, the stone could be damaged through impact or vibration. Inspect the siding for cracks or loose pieces surrounding any edges.

Fixing Any Cracks

If there are any cracks in the stone, the best method of repairing it will be to have a professional contractor come back to the home. This will ensure that the stone used will seamlessly match the existing siding. Fill in any cracks and gently smooth it out to cover up any inconsistencies in the appearance. Leave it alone to dry, and reinspect to check that everything has been properly fixed.

Cleaning the Stone

To prevent damaging the stone with cleaning chemicals, simply use water mixed with a small amount of vinegar, dish soap, or any other mild soap. Gently scrub the stone with a wet sponge and rinse the siding with your garden hose. Homeowners can use a soft bristled brush to clean the stone veneer, but be mindful of avoiding wire brushes as they could scratch the surface. Pressure washing is another method of cleaning the siding; however, professionals should be contacted so that the right amount of pressure is used.

Stone Veneer Dallas

When contractors install stone veneer onto a home’s siding, you can be confident that they are getting a product that is superior.

  • Strength: Homeowners can rely on the strength of our stone because it is real stone.
  • Mold-Resistant: Even in heavy rains, homeowners don’t have to worry about mold or mildew developing because of the high-alkaline content of the stone.
  • Fast and Clean: For clients who want to complete a renovation quickly, enVision Stone has the product for them.
  • High-Quality: There’s no need to worry about the siding flaking or cracking.
  • Customizable: Homeowners can choose their own color, texture, size, and shape. With enVision Stone, you can give your clients the curb appeal they’ve always wanted.

If your clients want a unique product that will set their home apart, offer them real stone veneer from enVision Stone. After the renovation is complete, there is limited maintenance that needs to be done. A simple inspection of the stone and a quick clean once a year is enough to keep the surface strong. Learn more about our product by giving us a call today.

Preparing Homes For Winter

Heading into the winter season, even Dallas homes need to prepare and maintain their homes to prevent damage from cold wind and rain. The outside of the home as well as in the side need some cleaning and fine-tuning to ensure that everything is running efficiently and smoothly. enVision Stone wants to help contractors give their clients the best possible experience that will allow them to live in a home they love. To do this, here are some tips contractors can offer homeowners to make sure they are ready for winter, including cleaning up the landscaping and preventing mold with our innovative stone veneer application.

Preparing a Home For Winter

  • Tune-up Heating System: The last thing you want is the furnace to break down on the coldest night. Have a technician come out who can make sure that the system is running as it should and that there aren’t any carbon-monoxide leaks.
  • Inspect the Roof: Wind and rain can damage shingles and cause them to become loose or blow them away completely. Get the ladder out for a closer look or simply use some binoculars to get a good look closer to the ground and hire a roofer if anything needs repairing.
  • Caulk Around Windows and Doors: If you’ve noticed higher than normal utility bills, this task can make sure money isn’t being lost through your windows or doors. A tight seal will keep cold air out and hot air in.
  • Clean the Gutters: When the gutters are backed up with leaves and other debris, water can spill out and cause damage to vinyl siding, any wood trim, and the roof. This isn’t the most enjoyable task, but is definitely worth the time and effort.
  • Install Stone Veneer: Used on the outside of a home, this spray-on material is easy to maintain, giving homeowners more time to string up holiday lights.

Benefits of Stone Veneer


There isn’t a single homeowner out there who doesn’t dread hearing that they have mold in their home. This means having a professional remove the mold, making any necessary repairs to ensure it doesn’t come back, and keeping up with maintenance. With stone veneer, the high alkaline content makes the material mold-resistant, giving homeowners who had it stalled as siding peace of mind throughout the year.

Stone Veneer Dallas


Even the strongest siding can be damaged by wind, rain, or hail. enVision Stone’s stone veneer is made with real stone, not a composite material. Real stone gives homeowners a level of protection against the elements, no matter what comes along. When facing strong winds or freezing temperatures in the Dallas area, give homes a strong application that can stand up to them.

Fast and Clean

Contractors and homeowners will be thrilled to know that stone veneer is easy to install and easy to clean and maintain. Before harsh weather really sets in, install spray-on stone that can help homeowners prepare for the winter.

Even though Dallas may not face the toughest weather in the country, why not give your clients a beautiful and unique home while also giving them some added protection against wind and rain. They can also experience an installation that takes less time and money than other stone applications. Give us a call today to learn more.

Stone Colors to Use With Siding

When creating a cohesive look for a home’s appearance, you want to give the front a balance of colors and possibly even use a range of materials. The contrast between common vinyl siding and a touch of stone can be just the thing your client wants to give their Dallas home a unique curb appeal that is elegant and timeless. With the help of an innovative product, stone veneer from enVision Stone, and some design tips using complementary colors, your client will have a house they can’t wait to come home to.

There are five popular siding colors that your typical homeowner will choose: blue, green, beige, gray, and red or brown. With our spray-on stone, homeowners can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and other applications to match the existing color of the home. So what color should a homeowner choose for their stone siding that will look the best with their vinyl siding?

Stone Veneer Dallas

Blue Siding with Orange-toned Stone Veneer

Blue and orange might seem like a strange combination, but don’t be alarmed — enVision Stone will never make your client’s home look like a sports team’s home. And keep in mind that orange-toned stone is not the bright, bold orange you may have in mind. Our installers will create a color that includes soft oranges, yellows, and whites to make a final product that is natural and beautiful.

Green Siding with Red-toned Stone Veneer

Whether it’s stone steps leading to the front door or a section of the home that is being renovated with stone, soft, natural greens with red- or rust-toned stone creates the perfect look that will balance with nature and landscaping surrounding the home.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Beige Siding with Brown-tone Stone Veneer

Because beige is an off-white, nearly any stone color would complete the look beautifully. Using a stone that is a couple of shades darker than the siding will give the home’s facade contrast and a touch of texture. If the beige is already on the darker end, go the other direction and install a stone that is a few shades lighter.

Gray Siding with Blue-tone Stone Veneer

While gray isn’t a part of the color wheel, it naturally has some blue tones in it. For homeowners who want a neutral color but who want siding that is bit more bold than beige, gray is an excellent choice. Blue-toned stone will blend well with the siding, increasing the texture of the curb appeal. Just like beige siding, depending on the shade, the stone can either be a shade lighter or darker than the siding.

Stone Veneer Dallas

Red Siding with Red-tone Stone Veneer

A bold red siding balanced with calm, pale red tones in the stone will create a cohesive look for the home. Red and green are complementary colors, so the homeowner can pull in green to the overall look with the landscaping design. enVision Stone can create stone colors that have rust, oranges, and shades of red that will pull everything together.

When renovating a home with stone, it’s important to make sure that it has a cohesive look and not like an afterthought. With lightweight, easy-to-install spray on stone from enVision Stone, you can give your client a home that will stand out in their Dallas neighborhood. Call us today to learn more.