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Surfaces Where Real Stone Veneer Can be Used

When you see stone as part of a house’s siding, or a featured wall on the interior of a home, when you walk down a path that is cobblestone, it leaves you with a feeling of nostalgia. It’s as if you have been there before, or you have stepped into another age-old era. Now, you can give that look and feel to your customer’s home remodels. If you have customers who want to give their home a new look, real stone veneer is a growing trend that is easy to install, lightweight, and will save both you and your customer’s money on installation. The exciting thing about our real stone veneer is that it can go on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. When your customers want something unique, offer real stone veneer that can be installed on these surfaces.

outdoor stone veneerHorizontal Surfaces


When anyone enters a home and begins taking off their shoes, they will look down at the floor and notice what material is used. Often, the material is wood, a wood composite, tile, vinyl, or even sometimes carpet. For a unique entryway, offer your customers real stone veneer that is durable, beautiful, and affordable.


From the driveway to the front door, the front yard to the backyard, or from the back door to a patio or pool, walkways are an essential part of a home’s outdoor landscaping design. Bring everything together with real stone that is strong and can withstand harsh weather and years of people walking on them.

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Many homes have cement patios that are cold and uninviting. With real stone veneer, our spray stone can easily cover cement patios and give the home a warm tone. Let your customers be involved in the design of their outdoor patio by choosing which color and pattern they want. Our stone is customizable to fit each customer’s style.

stone veneer for fireplaceVertical Surfaces


Homeowners can choose a section of their home to accent with real stone veneer, or makeover their whole home. Turn a house with regular vinyl, wood, or brick siding into a home with beauty and history. Our lightweight stone veneer can be installed on any vertical surface without the time-consuming demolition. Give your customers a unique option that will give their home texture, durability, and will save them money.

Feature Walls

Whether this is an interior wall or an outdoor wall, real stone veneer can give a homeowner an accent wall that is timeless and unique. Provide your customers with a basement or living room with a feature stone wall that adds a warmth to the room.


A fireplace is a cozy structure, but often looks lonely on a bare wall, or simply with shelving surrounding the fireplace. With stone veneer, contractors can create a fireplace that looks as if it has been there for decades. Homeowners can choose the size and shape of the stone to match their style and incorporate the fireplace with the surrounding design.

Entryway Arches

Give a home a look of grandeur with an archway that has history to it. Our real stone veneer products can be easily incorporated with other materials including vinyl and brick. The finished product will look natural and classic.

If you’re a contractor, architect, or builder, offer your customers something different. With spray stone, you can create accents for a home that give it a timeless look. The real stone product is easy to install, saves time without demolition, and can be used on many different surfaces; both on the interior of a home and outdoors, horizontal and vertical. Natural stone veneer will give your customers something they will love for years. Contact enVision Stone today.