Kitchen Renovations With Stone Veneer

When completing a home renovation, the kitchen is a “wow” space, right? When homeowners want to give their home a unique and innovative design, the kitchen is where they will spend the most time and money. With so many different aspects that can be focused on, such as the cabinets, floors, and countertops, many homeowners are sticking to the same common materials — hardwood and granite countertops. When creating a design plan for a kitchen renovation, contractors can now give their customers an option that they won’t find in their neighbors’ kitchens. Real stone veneer can replace these too-popular materials and give homeowners a cost-effective option that will wow their guests. What surfaces can be redone with stone veneer in the kitchen?

Stone Veneer Dallas

Island Wall

Stone Veneer DallasThe open floor plan in kitchen has been popular for years and it’s here to stay. To get the counter space homeowners need in this plan, they often opt for a large island with a sink and enough space to add bar stools for a breakfast bar. A common option is using wood panels to create the island wall that is facing out toward the rest of the home. However, surprise homeowners by suggesting stone veneer. With the customizable material, you can pull in colors from the surrounding spaces and make the open floor plan a cohesive space.


Ceramic, glass, or metal are trending materials to use as a backsplash in the kitchen, but even these newer materials are fading in popularity and are a difficult choice to swallow when considering they could go out of style in just a few years. This is a great opportunity to bring in stone veneer that is both a modern material, but has a classic and timeless look. The design options are endless as well, your customers can choose their own pattern, color, and shape of the stone.


Stone Veneer DallasWhen your kitchen renovation clients are vying for hardwood floors, suggest the durable and cost-saving stone veneer instead. Not only is the material strong and saves them money, it is easy to install and gives them a unique look that will give their kitchen the exclusive feel they want. With a variety of patterns and shapes, they can customize the floors and create a style that is like no other.


You don’t often see fireplaces in the kitchen, especially in the Dallas climate, but this could be the design element that your client is looking for. For homeowners who want to set their kitchen apart from the standard design, a fireplace that is finished with stone veneer will give the home a country look and a cozy feeling. Balance the stone fireplace with other, softer materials and the entire kitchen will be a focal point.

enVision Stone wants to give contractors a way to impress home renovation clients with a product that combines technology, engineering, and artistry. Our stone veneer is made of real stone that takes less time to install, saves your company and clients money, and is strong and reliable. For an innovative look that gives the popular materials a run for their money, give your clients stone veneer.