How To Upgrade Homes To Fit Any Style With Real Stone Veneer

When many people think of stone exteriors, their mind may go to one or two styles of homes that traditionally have masonry work. But adding real stone veneer to the exterior of a home can greatly enhance the style of the home without distracting from key characteristics. Today we wanted to take a moment to discuss five of our favorite traditional home styles, and how you, as a contractor, could enhance your client’s home with our enVision Stone spray stone veneer without the hefty price tag of traditional stonework.

Spanish Colonial Revival: This is the quintessential Southwest style home, characteristically adorned with white stucco exterior and red clay roofs. These houses are abundant where we are in Texas, and can be found throughout the south and into California. Many of your clients may be looking for a way to upgrade their traditional home while still staying true to a Spanish style. One key to Spanish Colonial homes is that they are designed to look natural, as if they popped up straight from the ground. Therefore, to keep with the style, you’ll want to use a light-wash real stone veneer finish with an organic pattern. While changing the white stucco exterior might take away from the Southwest charm, these homes traditionally have an inner courtyard that acts as an extension of the living space. While these courtyards are sometimes made from brick or tile, opting for a light wash stone veneer patio can create that truly natural look that brick and tile can’t achieve.

Craftsman: Craftsman style homes are characterized by quaint features like dormers, exposed chimneys, and covered porches supported with battered columns. These homes make the perfect candidate for using real stone veneer to enhance their features. The craftsman home was born from the Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe, and unlike Spanish style homes, they are known for having multiple textures and mediums – as if someone did an arts and crafts project. Adding stone veneer exterior to dormers, columns, and chimneys adds an incredible amount of character to the home, and will definitely make your clients happy. To tie everything together, adding a stone veneer skirt to a wrap-around porch looks great in any landscape.

Ranch Style: Ranch style homes are popular throughout America because of their ability to suit open floor plans. They are usually asymmetrical and wider than they are deep, meaning they have a long, bare exterior with minimum ornamentation. With just a stucco or vinyl exterior, these houses can, frankly, look a little boring from the front curb. One way to break up the monotony is to add a stone wainscoting to the exterior that hits just below the window level. This adds dimension and character to the home, but can get very expensive if using real stonework because there is so much area to cover on a ranch style home. That’s where EnVision Stone Real Stone Veneer comes in. Application is quick and easy, and will save your client thousands of dollars while still getting the home of their dreams. For this wainscoting, we recommend using a smaller, tighter stone pattern, but as always, talk to your client and find what style they are going for.

Tudor Style: Tudor homes are few and far between these days, and the people who buy Tudor homes do so because they love the style and it’s not something they want to give up. Tudor homes are medieval-meets-renaissance, and have steeply pitched gable roofs, oversized chimneys, ornamental doorways, and an exposed wood frame, with stucco or stonework between the beams. If your client does not want to update the original exterior of the home, perhaps you can suggest a stone pathway that will add a cottagey feel to the home. Using a cobblestone-like pattern with real stone veneer will keep things looking traditional and cozy. However, if the home’s stonework is falling apart, you can update the exterior with our stone veneer spray that is mold resistant so it won’t rot the walls underneath.

Antebellum Style: These are the homes that you drive by in the south and think, “Wow, these people must have a LOT of money.” These homes are also called plantation homes, and are known for having towering Greek pillars and columns, multiple balconies, symmetrical and evenly spaced windows, a covered porch, a grand entryway, and an elegant staircase on the interior. These are the type of homes you see on a large estate, and often times these are passed down through a family. So you may be wondering what else could we add to this already extravagant home? If you have a client in one of these houses, there is actually a lot you could do to enhance their homes. Adding a sprawling stone veneer pathway in the backyard that opens up into a garden is a great place to start. You could also create a beautiful stone patio, or even enhance the backyard with an outdoor fireplace they would be sure to love.

Why Use enVision Spray Stone Veneer?

At enVision Stone, we have spent years testing and developing a spray stone veneer for interior and exterior use. Our real stone veneer holds up to the test of time because it is made from real stone. This means that your client can still indulge in beautiful stonework without the price tag that comes with traditional masonry. Find out more today!