How to Save Money on Your Business Renovations

Your client is making a big investment when they start renovations on their business. Whether it’s a preschool, a dental practice, an insurance office, or virtually any other business, it can benefit from a renovation that creates a more modern, welcoming, and professional appearance for the inside and outside of the business. Some of the benefits of renovating your business include:

  • Improving employee morale. It’s easier to be motivated and eager to come to work when you are working in a new, clean, modern-looking building.
  • Attracting more walk-in customers. Customers are going to notice a business more when the building looks nice and want to come inside to learn more.
  • Customers are more likely to have a favorable first impression of a business if they are impressed by the appearance. Many customers feel that a well-kept and modern-looking building means the owner is more invested in their business, and thus, their customer service.

The investment that your client is making in the appearance of their business is worth every penny, and they are likely to see returns on their investment in the form of employee and customer loyalty. As a contractor, it’s important that you help your client get the most out of every penny that they spend on the investment that they make in business renovations. Our team has some great ways to help your client save money on renovations without sacrificing style or quality.

Use These Tips to Save on Renovating a Business

interior stone veneerUse real stone veneer instead of traditional stonework.

Stonework is some of the most expensive and labor-intensive renovation work you’ll do on a building. Both the materials and the labor involved to install them can be cost prohibitive. Many clients are going to want stone additions to their existing structure because of the sophistication it brings to a building. Instead of blowing the entire renovation budget on stonework, though, you can use real stone veneer and save big. Real stone veneer is sprayed onto almost any surface that you want, including siding, floors, cement paths, and more. A template is applied and the details are finished by skilled tradesmen. The end result is something that looks like it took weeks to create but is done in a matter of hours…and at a fraction of the cost.

See if employees are willing to pitch in.

If a business is coming to a standstill during the renovations, this could even help the employees earn some money until the business is reopened. Employees can be put to work disassembling old furniture, putting together the new stuff, or even painting walls depending on their skills and abilities. Make sure it’s alright with their employer for them to pitch in and then ensure the work they are doing is safe. However, using them to get some of these smaller tasks done can help your client save on their labor costs for the renovation, giving them more money to put into the decor and final look.

Reuse what you can, recycle what you can’t.

Many businesses assume that during a renovation, they’ll need to get rid of everything and start over in order to achieve the right look. That’s not true! In fact, a lot of what the business is using can be reused and repurposed. You can refinish wooden surfaces or change their look entirely with a real stone veneer. This saves you on the cost of replacing the piece and will probably take minimal elbow grease. If items can’t be repurposed, get rid of them responsibly. Look into recycling options, or better yet, sell the items to another local business who can use them and put that money back into the renovation budget.

spray stoneUpgrade wisely and at the right time.

Not everything has to be upgraded immediately, either. If your client is on a tight budget, encourage them to take the renovation in phases. For instance, focus on exterior improvements first, then move onto the interior renovations next. Or, get the structure looking its best, then upgrade the furniture later on. It’s nice when you can get everything done at once, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Waiting could allow you to save even more money, too, by shopping sales and waiting for price drops on necessary materials for the renovation tasks. Taking it in stages allows you to save more for each step, too, which could potentially help your client avoid more business debt later on.

Put these ideas to work and see how much further your business renovation budget can go! We’ll help with the real stone veneer. Our product is perfect for businesses renovating on a budget who still want the end result to look incredible. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our stone veneer services in Dallas and how we can help with your renovation project.