How to Give an Old Restaurant a Fresh Look

A restaurant’s interior and exterior decor have a huge affect on its bottom line. If people perceive the exterior to be run-down or old-fashioned, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever make it through the door. If the outside entices them inside and they that the interior is outdated or shabby, they are more likely to have a bad impression of the food no matter how good it might be and are unlikely to come back. There are more than 3,500 restaurants listed on Trip Advisor for the Dallas area, so people have plenty of options when they are looking for a bite to eat. That’s why it’s so important for restaurant owners to make sure their look is up-to-date, appealing, and welcoming to potential customers.

If you are an architect, designer, or contractor working with a local restaurant to help them renovate their look, it’s important that you manage their budget extremely carefully. Restaurants are often working with razor-thin budgets to start with, so taking money out to do the renovations can be a big sacrifice and you’ll want to do it right. It’s important to pick the right elements to renovate that can provide the biggest impact without overstretching the budget. With the help of our real stone veneer in Dallas, you can get the job done and help revitalize an old restaurant.

Restaurant Renovations That Provide the Biggest Impact

veneer stone sidingThe exterior.

The exterior of a restaurant needs to be inviting. If the exterior of your client’s restaurant is looking a little worse for wear, it’s probably driving away business more than they realize. Our real stone veneers can be applied to the exterior of the building in order to give it a fresh, rich, warm, and welcoming look without the cost of actual stone and masonry work. Stone elements can attract the right attention and make a building look chic and elegant. Our stone veneer can be applied to virtually any surface, meaning you can cover up siding, wood, brick, or other stone structures. Our real stone veneer is perfect for exterior surfaces because it’s made from pieces of real stone, so it has all the durability of traditional masonry work.

The interior floors.

No one wants to eat in a restaurant that has floors that look dirty no matter how much you clean them. A lot of older restaurants used carpeting when they were first built, but that look is severely dated now. Your flooring is likely going to be one of the first things customers notice when they walk through the door. If it gives them a bad first impression, the restaurant will have a tough time recovering from that. A real stone veneer is an excellent option! Our stone veneer is tough enough to stand up to plenty of traffic and it’s much easier to clean than carpeting. Your clients can pick the color and pattern that they want and our Dallas team will install it for them. The floor of the restaurant is the single biggest surface of the building, so transforming it into something beautiful and chic can help the whole building shine a little brighter.

spray stoneThe interior walls.

Our real stone veneer is perfect for walls, too! Ditch the outdated plaster and improve the ambiance of the space with stone walls. This adds warmth and elegance, instantly elevated the interior space from bland to grand. You can strategically place sections of the stone veneer or have all the walls done. Customers don’t be able to tell that it’s not all masonry work because our stone veneer is made from real stones, so it looks and feels exactly the same. It’s super durable, too, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining it.

Our Dallas Team is Ready to Help With Restuarant Renovations

Interested in learning more about using our real stone veneer in your client’s restaurant renovation? Give enVision a call today or contact us through our website. We’ll provide you and your client with more information about how our veneer application process works and how it can help save thousands on renovation costs, providing all the look and benefit of stone without the expense. Get in touch with us today to get started!