enVision Stone: Custom Stonework For Contractors, Part One

In our past posts, we’ve tackled a variety of topics. From discussing the use of stone veneer in a range of home styles to brainstorming kitchen renovations with stone veneer to how both contractors and their clients can save money with spray-on stone, we hope our readers have found our content both informative and practical.

Why Work With enVision Stone?

If you are a Dallas contractor, there is a lot to like about doing business with us at enVision Stone, the leader in affordable spray-on stonework materials. We have 30 years of hands-on experience providing the construction industry with real stone veneer. On top of that, we are not only suppliers but the manufacturers of our proprietary real stone veneer product. What that means for our customers (and their customers, via the transitive property of algebra) is that we’ve developed a formula that we understand inside and out. Our real spray-on stone veneer product offers Dallas-area contractors a host of benefits, which we will be discussing during today’s blog.

Many of these benefits are great for the client and by defacto the contractor who has supplied them with our lightweight spray-on stone veneer product. But others directly aid our clients – that is, you, the contractor. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about each of these attractive features we have to offer folks in the construction industry looking for natural stone veneer.

What We Have To Offer Our Contractor Clients

With over three decades involved in or supporting the construction industry, we have a sophisticated understanding as to our natural stone veneer product fits in with the big picture. Whether you are an architect, a commercial contractor, a renovation specialist, or a residential developer, we offer a more cost-effective alternative to the often-expensive price points you’ll find with typical masonry-based jobs or even using imitation stone.

But aside from being cost-effective (and simply effective in its own right, which we will get to in part two of this two-part series), we here at enVision Stone of Dallas want to set our clients up for success with regards to selling and installing our installing and exterior stone veneer siding. Benefits include:

  • Free hands-on training – We’ll help you with the details of real stone application. As folks who are part of the construction industry, we’ll spare you superfluous fluff and keep our tutorial efficient and practical. Likewise, we’ll help you with the job estimating portion of our product. That way, both you and your staff will easily be able to quote leads on the fly, which can make a pretty substantial difference.
  • Expert labor assistance with first projects – We value our customers in the same way that you do, and with that commitment comes the desire to set you up for success. On your first project working with enVision Stone and our stone siding, we can walk through the first job to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plan!
  • Ability to offer complementary decor products that fit your market – Ask us about our other innovative products that you can add to your renovation arsenal – or should we say…toolkit (we refuse to apologize for puns, for the record).
  • Marketing and business generation help – We’ve worked with quite a few businesses over the years, so we have an excellent knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t. If (and only if) you are interested in some marketing strategy brainstorming and guidance, we would be happy to supplement your current approach with some suggestions that we have seen be effective in the past.

See The Difference For Yourself

Now that we’ve established we won’t leave you high and dry after supplying you with our lightweight stone veneer, we ask you to see the difference for yourself! We are couldn’t be more proud of our past siding and home improvement projects in the Dallas area. Whether you are interested in vertical patterns, horizontal patterns, standard color swatches, or even want to see commercial transformations along with images of our application process, we think you’ll be impressed. Just remember that we do not leave our contractor clients out to dry after day one. You’ll have all the support you need! Contact us at enVision Stone. And be sure to keep an eye out for part two, in which we will discuss the benefits which homeowners and other clients of yours stand to gain by using our affordable spray-on stone materials.