The Environmental Benefits Of Real Stone Siding

There’s no denying it. The warm, welcoming look of a stone exterior is classic enough to withstand the test of time. Similarly, real stone siding and other stone exteriors are durable enough to resist weather and withstand the test of time and mother nature.


All of these are commonly known facts about stone exteriors, but what is less often discussed are the environmental benefits that exterior stone siding can offer. It is a great way to update your house without contributing nearly as many toxic byproducts to our ecosystem along with many more perks. The following are the top five benefits of real stone veneer siding for homeowners and the environment alike.


Stone Is Insulating

Insulation is a major factor in controlling the climate of your home. If your home is properly insulated, you’ll expend less energy (and less of your paycheck) keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Stone, which naturally resists shifts in temperature and doesn’t respond to changes in weather as quickly as other types of siding, is a great choice for adding an extra element of natural climate control to your residence.


Spray-On Stone Reduces Quarrying Of Scarce Natural Resources

Many types of traditional stone are large and quarried, which means that you are taking a great deal of relatively scarce materials in order to decorate your home. This why traditional stone exteriors are so expensive. These quarried materials can also lead to chemical runoff, leaching of toxins into groundwater, and other forms of ecosystem disruption. When you choose to apply spray-on stone veneer, you still get real stone and all of its impeccable features, but in a thinner makeup that consists of significantly fewer quarried inputs than other variations of stone applications.


Stone Is Fire Retardant

Besides the added safety elements of having a home that is less prone to fires, stone’s fire-retardant attributes also decrease the chances that a fire will release unhealthy toxins into the air that are consistent with many chemical-heavy siding types such as plastic and treated wood.


Stone Siding Uses No Unnatural Pigmentation

At enVision Stone, we don’t use any unnatural pigments in our stone siding — we instead take our color from natural stones. While you often see major color variation in quarried stones in showrooms, our real stone veneer is consistently colored and molded using a reliable process that produces beautiful results every time.

Doesn’t Environmentally Friendly Mean Expensive?

Many people are hesitant about choosing a stone siding exterior for their homes because they immediately revert to their recollections of real stone installation being a very costly endeavor. Luckily, with spray-on stone veneer from companies like enVision Stone, having stone facade installed for your home’s or business’s exterior is easier than ever, meaning it also is significantly less expensive of a project.


If you’ve been contemplating updating the look of your home or business exterior, our real stone veneer might just be for you. Not only do we offer a multitude of beautiful design options, but it is also among the most eco-friendly options in home remodeling today. You’ll feel assured when purchasing that you are getting the best product for the environment and your budget. Reach out today for a free quote from the leader in affordable spray-on stone materials.