Enhance Walls in a Home or Office With This Easy Trick

Are you an architect or contractor looking for new ways to help your clients stretch their budget while transforming the look of their home or office? It’s a tough balance to achieve. You want to provide them with a renovation that leaves them happy and a bill that doesn’t wipe the smile off of their face. Often, clients want the world when it comes to their renovation plans, but they don’t have the budget to back that up. One of the biggest surfaces of an interior space is the walls. Transforming these during a renovation can be a quick way to provide a fresh new look. So what are your options?

Ways to Transform Walls in a Home or Office

stone veneer for fireplacePaint


  • It’s inexpensive. Paint is often one of the first things on a renovation list due to its relatively inexpensive cost and high impact.
  • It’s easy to apply. It doesn’t take an experienced painter long to apply a fresh coat of paint to a wall and it dries in just a few hours.


  • It might not be a total transformation or enough of a change for your client. Clients might not be satisfied with a simple coat of paint or feel that this goes far enough to renovate their space into what they’ve imagined.
  • It has to be redone every few years. Paint gets dirty and popular colors quickly go in and out of style. What looks great now might look dated in just a few years time, meaning clients will be looking for another renovation.


stone veneer sidingPros

  • It can add a lot of elegance to space and enrichen it. Stone has a classic, beautiful look that is absolutely timeless. Stone walls don’t go out of style and will age with the home or office well.
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, and corrosion resistant. This makes the stone a terrific choice for both interior and exterior walls because it can stand up to wild Texas weather.
  • It lasts for years, even decades! Thanks to the timeless appeal and durability of the materials, stone walls can be around for virtually a lifetime. Once it’s applied, your clients won’t have to think about it again.


  • The labor and materials can be prohibitively expensive. Not only do they have to invest in the materials to complete the work, your clients will have to pay a skilled craftsman for their services in actually building the wall.
  • It can take a long time for the project to be completed. Depending on the materials, the size, and the skill of the craftsman, some stone walls can take weeks or even longer.

Why Real Stone Veneer Is the Best of Both!

Real stone veneer combines the pros of both paint and stone. Our special process is fast, so work can be completed much faster than waiting for a traditional stone wall to be built. The process doesn’t take much longer than paint, and it’s a fraction of the cost of a traditional stone wall to be put in place. Stone veneer has all the richness of real stone, too, because it’s actually made of real stone. That means your clients get all of the same stone benefits: waterproof, weatherproof, and their new veneer lasts for decades without needing to be maintained or redone. It’s an incredible value for their money; clients get a beautiful look that lasts for decades at a fraction of the cost. This will make them–and you–very happy.

Let Us Partner With You in Your Next Renovation

Ready to wow your clients? Looking for something new that they are going to love? Real stone veneer is exactly what you need. We’ve developed a terrific stone veneer that mimics the look of real stone because it is real stone. Our skilled team can apply your stone veneer in the color and pattern that your client wants in a short amount of time so you can complete the rest of your renovations. We’ll help you keep your project on time and under budget. Let us show you how it works and partner with you on your next renovation of a home or office. Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started with a product that pleases your clients aesthetic and their budget.