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How enVision Is Changing The Stone Veneer Game

When you look at stone exteriors of homes and buildings, you might think that they look quite traditional. But just how far back does stone veneer date, and how has it changed over the years?

An Overview Of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer, or stone siding, today is used as a decorative exterior option for homes and architecture, but at one point it was used more as a protective barrier from the elements and other enemies. There are two types of stone veneer: natural and manufactured. Natural stone veneer is cut to a certain thickness and affixed to a wall or structure. In general, this stone must not weigh more than 15 pounds per square foot. If it exceeds this weight, then extra structural supports will need to be installed. Manufactured stone veneer is created to look like natural stone but is a much cheaper option, as well as easier to install. However, while natural stone is one of the most durable exteriors available, manufactured stone can fade and crack.

enVision Stone: The New Standard In Manufactured Stone

We have been developing our stone veneer spray for years to ensure that it can withstand the test of time just like real stonework. We’ve done this by creating our veneer from real stone – meaning it is as strong as stone, but lightweight and less expensive. This means you save time and money when you install enVision real stone veneer.

Okay, now that you know a little more about stone veneer in general, let’s discuss the history of its use in design and construction.

Ancient Rome

The use of stone veneer wasn’t prominent until the late 1800s, but there are ruins from as early at 70 AD that suggest the use of stone veneer. Most notably, parts of the Roman Colosseum were adorned with marble siding, which has since been lost through time. However, there are still holes in the Colosseum from structural supports that anchored the marble veneer panels to the building. This type of veneer can be seen throughout other parts of the Roman Empire, including stone block veneer in aqueducts and other structures.

Late 19th Century

During the span of time between the Roman Empire and the late 1800s, there was not a whole lot of headway in the use of stone veneer. However, just before the turn of the 20th century, modern stone veneer siding began to emerge. Large pieces of natural stone were cut into big slabs, and then hand chiseled to the appropriate size and thickness for stone panels. These stones ranged from granite and marble to limestone and slate. Originally, this type of veneer was only used for interior projects and street-level facades.


Up until this point there wasn’t a ton of regulation regarding the thickness of the stone panels, but during this time one-and-a-half inches became standard thickness. These stone veneer panels were affixed using both mortar and steel support anchors for added stability. With this more sturdy method of application, stone veneer began to complete entire building facades.


Most of the stone veneer construction that we see today stemmed from this time period. During this time, transportation methods improved and the cost of stone veneer dropped significantly. New methods were also developed to attach veneer to new surfaces.


As technology progressed, stone veneer was able to be cut down to about ⅛ inch thick in the 1980s, but today is usually around 3 centimeters in thickness. These days, stone is becoming more popular as a “green” choice for building materials, but it is also a more expensive siding than other exterior options.

Stonework is gorgeous and desirable, but can also get expensive for a big project. That’s why enVision Stone has developed our real stone veneer spray that looks just like traditional stonework, is made from real stone, and is just as durable. However, it is lightweight and easy to apply, saving you time and money while still giving a timeless look to your home.

Save Time And Money With Envision

Our spray stone siding installation and materials will cost you about half the price of traditional masonry construction, while still being a quality product. Don’t believe that “spray on stone” can look as great as the real thing? Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Check out our photo gallery, and contact us today to learn how you can start offering enVision real stone veneer siding to your clients.

How To Upgrade Homes To Fit Any Style With Real Stone Veneer

When many people think of stone exteriors, their mind may go to one or two styles of homes that traditionally have masonry work. But adding real stone veneer to the exterior of a home can greatly enhance the style of the home without distracting from key characteristics. Today we wanted to take a moment to discuss five of our favorite traditional home styles, and how you, as a contractor, could enhance your client’s home with our enVision Stone spray stone veneer without the hefty price tag of traditional stonework.

Spanish Colonial Revival: This is the quintessential Southwest style home, characteristically adorned with white stucco exterior and red clay roofs. These houses are abundant where we are in Texas, and can be found throughout the south and into California. Many of your clients may be looking for a way to upgrade their traditional home while still staying true to a Spanish style. One key to Spanish Colonial homes is that they are designed to look natural, as if they popped up straight from the ground. Therefore, to keep with the style, you’ll want to use a light-wash real stone veneer finish with an organic pattern. While changing the white stucco exterior might take away from the Southwest charm, these homes traditionally have an inner courtyard that acts as an extension of the living space. While these courtyards are sometimes made from brick or tile, opting for a light wash stone veneer patio can create that truly natural look that brick and tile can’t achieve.

Craftsman: Craftsman style homes are characterized by quaint features like dormers, exposed chimneys, and covered porches supported with battered columns. These homes make the perfect candidate for using real stone veneer to enhance their features. The craftsman home was born from the Arts and Crafts Movement in Europe, and unlike Spanish style homes, they are known for having multiple textures and mediums – as if someone did an arts and crafts project. Adding stone veneer exterior to dormers, columns, and chimneys adds an incredible amount of character to the home, and will definitely make your clients happy. To tie everything together, adding a stone veneer skirt to a wrap-around porch looks great in any landscape.

Ranch Style: Ranch style homes are popular throughout America because of their ability to suit open floor plans. They are usually asymmetrical and wider than they are deep, meaning they have a long, bare exterior with minimum ornamentation. With just a stucco or vinyl exterior, these houses can, frankly, look a little boring from the front curb. One way to break up the monotony is to add a stone wainscoting to the exterior that hits just below the window level. This adds dimension and character to the home, but can get very expensive if using real stonework because there is so much area to cover on a ranch style home. That’s where EnVision Stone Real Stone Veneer comes in. Application is quick and easy, and will save your client thousands of dollars while still getting the home of their dreams. For this wainscoting, we recommend using a smaller, tighter stone pattern, but as always, talk to your client and find what style they are going for.

Tudor Style: Tudor homes are few and far between these days, and the people who buy Tudor homes do so because they love the style and it’s not something they want to give up. Tudor homes are medieval-meets-renaissance, and have steeply pitched gable roofs, oversized chimneys, ornamental doorways, and an exposed wood frame, with stucco or stonework between the beams. If your client does not want to update the original exterior of the home, perhaps you can suggest a stone pathway that will add a cottagey feel to the home. Using a cobblestone-like pattern with real stone veneer will keep things looking traditional and cozy. However, if the home’s stonework is falling apart, you can update the exterior with our stone veneer spray that is mold resistant so it won’t rot the walls underneath.

Antebellum Style: These are the homes that you drive by in the south and think, “Wow, these people must have a LOT of money.” These homes are also called plantation homes, and are known for having towering Greek pillars and columns, multiple balconies, symmetrical and evenly spaced windows, a covered porch, a grand entryway, and an elegant staircase on the interior. These are the type of homes you see on a large estate, and often times these are passed down through a family. So you may be wondering what else could we add to this already extravagant home? If you have a client in one of these houses, there is actually a lot you could do to enhance their homes. Adding a sprawling stone veneer pathway in the backyard that opens up into a garden is a great place to start. You could also create a beautiful stone patio, or even enhance the backyard with an outdoor fireplace they would be sure to love.

Why Use enVision Spray Stone Veneer?

At enVision Stone, we have spent years testing and developing a spray stone veneer for interior and exterior use. Our real stone veneer holds up to the test of time because it is made from real stone. This means that your client can still indulge in beautiful stonework without the price tag that comes with traditional masonry. Find out more today!

Use Texture To Transform Walls

If you have ever studied interior design or even spent any time watching home improvement or home design shows, you have probably heard the designers talking about texture. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or architect, being aware of what texture can do to a home or a business is essential in having a happy family and happy customers. Many people aren’t aware of the space around them and the influence simple design elements can have on their mood, but designers can spend years on their craft and that includes experimenting with texture. The effect that stone can have on a space, balanced with other textures and elements is huge. If you’re in the midst of a renovation, consider the power of using real stone veneer from enVision Stone for your home or construction project.

What is Texture?

spray stoneTexture is the sensation that is caused by feeling and seeing the surface of objects. Most people will say that texture is mostly about what someone feels physically on their fingertips when they touch something. However, you also see texture with your eyes and can imagine how it would feel, whether that’s a furry coat, a wood tabletop, or a real stone wall; and whether those items can be physically touched or you’re just looking at the pages of a magazine. You might want to take pictures of your renovation when it’s complete and you want viewers to see and feel the texture in the space. Using real stone veneer on the walls of your space, you can create a texture that is inviting and still warm.

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Add Visual Weight

In the design world, visual weight means allowing the space to draw attention to itself. When people walk into your home, office, restaurant, or view the outside walls of the building, they might not immediately be drawn to the walls of the space; that is, unless there is something there to draw the eye. Just like you may have heard that a blue room has a calming effect and a red room can raise your energy level, texture can do the same thing. A rough real stone wall is more likely to make the space feel intimate and grounded and smooth textures can make the space feel sleek and aloof.

Texture Adds Balance

An architect or interior designer will know that even if you want an intimate space, you wouldn’t want a stone floor, stone walls, and a stone table. There needs to be a balance. With soft couches, warm curtains, and a grainy wood table, the real stone walls will fit right in.

real stone veneerThe Stone Itself Can Be a Variety of Textures

At enVision Stone, there are several options of our real stone veneer. We have patterns that are smaller for a feature bathroom wall, larger pieces that would make your living room wall look like a castle, thicker, natural pieces that do wonders to a fireplace, and styles with just the right depth and shape to design your kitchen backsplash with.

Utilizing real stone veneer as a focal point in any space draws the viewer’s eye in and creates a desire to touch the surface and to interact with the space. This desire to interact with the space will give your guests or clients an opportunity to stay longer and feel more at home and comfortable within the space. This is the purpose of using design elements such as texture in any renovation.

Why Stone Veneer?

Installing stone veneer will save everyone involved in the project time and money. Whether you’re using the stone for an inside wall, or for outdoor stone veneer, the effect is the same. The texture draws viewer’s eyes to the surface. enVision Stone designed the product to be a lightweight stone veneer so that it can be incorporated into any space and will provide an intimate and warm environment.

Utilizing and being aware of design elements, especially texture can improve any home or business renovation. Creating a balance of textures with rough stone and soft materials will create an inviting and unique space. To save money in addition to designing a beautiful space, use real stone veneer from enVision Stone. Create feature walls in your space that can only be described by the texture.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Patio

It’s a fact: restaurants with outdoor seating make more money. reported in 2015 that restaurants with outdoor seating see increases in their revenue of up to 30%. That’s a huge bump and a giant return on your investment for installing a patio space. Outdoor seating is a popular option here in Dallas, where many restaurants packed on the weekends offer an outside seating option. It’s a great place to cool off after a hot day, enjoy the Texas sun, or see and be seen in the hippest areas of town. With over 3,500 restaurants in the Dallas area, a great patio can be a wonderful way to make your establishment stand out from the crowd.

If your restaurant doesn’t already have a patio, it’s time to invest. It can help bring vital new business in a crowded restaurant market. So how do you get started?

Find the right contractor.

Working with the right contractor on your patio installation is going to make the entire process much easier. They’ll be able to use their experience to help you find solutions to issues, save money, and get the job done right. A great contractor can guide you through the process with minimal disruption to your business and make it as stress-free as possible. Look for reviews online for local Dallas contractors if you don’t already have someone that you trust. Look for contractors who have restaurant renovation experience, and ideally, someone who has experience with patios, too.

Look for cost-saving measures.

There are a number of things you can do to help save on the cost of your restaurant patio. Think about buying your commercial patio furniture second hand or expanding a current outdoor space instead of starting from scratch. Using real stone veneer is another great idea. This allows you to get the look and feel of stone without the cost. Because real stone veneer is made from actual stone, it’s still just as durable and resistant to the weather. You get all the same benefits, but it’s most more affordable and goes in much quicker so you can start bringing in your revenue sooner.

outdoor stone veneerenVision has real stone veneers that you’ll love! You can pick your color and style and we’ll do the rest, working with your contractor to bring a fresh look to your patio space. Our stone veneers are durable and beautiful and can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces so you can create a gorgeous outdoor space without the big expense. It’s ideal for floors, walls, and even stone seating!

Get locals excited about your new seating options.

Make sure you advertise that outdoor seating is coming to your restaurant! It’s a good idea to run a marketing campaign around the new addition to your restaurant and encourage locals to come try it out. Offer special food and drink deals for those on the patio and let the word get around that your new patio is the hottest spot in Dallas. Encourage people to leave reviews about your restaurant and the patio in particular on sites like Google and Trip Advisor to bring in even more buzz. Before you know it, your outdoor seating area will be packed and you’ll recover the costs of your expansion in no time. It’s a smart move for your business!

Ready to start creating your new outdoor space? Have your contractor get in touch with the enVision Stone team. We’ll work with them to create your restaurant patio and make it something really special. They can give us a call or contact us through our website to learn more about our products!

How to Save Money on Your Business Renovations

Your client is making a big investment when they start renovations on their business. Whether it’s a preschool, a dental practice, an insurance office, or virtually any other business, it can benefit from a renovation that creates a more modern, welcoming, and professional appearance for the inside and outside of the business. Some of the benefits of renovating your business include:

  • Improving employee morale. It’s easier to be motivated and eager to come to work when you are working in a new, clean, modern-looking building.
  • Attracting more walk-in customers. Customers are going to notice a business more when the building looks nice and want to come inside to learn more.
  • Customers are more likely to have a favorable first impression of a business if they are impressed by the appearance. Many customers feel that a well-kept and modern-looking building means the owner is more invested in their business, and thus, their customer service.

The investment that your client is making in the appearance of their business is worth every penny, and they are likely to see returns on their investment in the form of employee and customer loyalty. As a contractor, it’s important that you help your client get the most out of every penny that they spend on the investment that they make in business renovations. Our team has some great ways to help your client save money on renovations without sacrificing style or quality.

Use These Tips to Save on Renovating a Business

interior stone veneerUse real stone veneer instead of traditional stonework.

Stonework is some of the most expensive and labor-intensive renovation work you’ll do on a building. Both the materials and the labor involved to install them can be cost prohibitive. Many clients are going to want stone additions to their existing structure because of the sophistication it brings to a building. Instead of blowing the entire renovation budget on stonework, though, you can use real stone veneer and save big. Real stone veneer is sprayed onto almost any surface that you want, including siding, floors, cement paths, and more. A template is applied and the details are finished by skilled tradesmen. The end result is something that looks like it took weeks to create but is done in a matter of hours…and at a fraction of the cost.

See if employees are willing to pitch in.

If a business is coming to a standstill during the renovations, this could even help the employees earn some money until the business is reopened. Employees can be put to work disassembling old furniture, putting together the new stuff, or even painting walls depending on their skills and abilities. Make sure it’s alright with their employer for them to pitch in and then ensure the work they are doing is safe. However, using them to get some of these smaller tasks done can help your client save on their labor costs for the renovation, giving them more money to put into the decor and final look.

Reuse what you can, recycle what you can’t.

Many businesses assume that during a renovation, they’ll need to get rid of everything and start over in order to achieve the right look. That’s not true! In fact, a lot of what the business is using can be reused and repurposed. You can refinish wooden surfaces or change their look entirely with a real stone veneer. This saves you on the cost of replacing the piece and will probably take minimal elbow grease. If items can’t be repurposed, get rid of them responsibly. Look into recycling options, or better yet, sell the items to another local business who can use them and put that money back into the renovation budget.

spray stoneUpgrade wisely and at the right time.

Not everything has to be upgraded immediately, either. If your client is on a tight budget, encourage them to take the renovation in phases. For instance, focus on exterior improvements first, then move onto the interior renovations next. Or, get the structure looking its best, then upgrade the furniture later on. It’s nice when you can get everything done at once, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Waiting could allow you to save even more money, too, by shopping sales and waiting for price drops on necessary materials for the renovation tasks. Taking it in stages allows you to save more for each step, too, which could potentially help your client avoid more business debt later on.

Put these ideas to work and see how much further your business renovation budget can go! We’ll help with the real stone veneer. Our product is perfect for businesses renovating on a budget who still want the end result to look incredible. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our stone veneer services in Dallas and how we can help with your renovation project.

Enhance Walls in a Home or Office With This Easy Trick

Are you an architect or contractor looking for new ways to help your clients stretch their budget while transforming the look of their home or office? It’s a tough balance to achieve. You want to provide them with a renovation that leaves them happy and a bill that doesn’t wipe the smile off of their face. Often, clients want the world when it comes to their renovation plans, but they don’t have the budget to back that up. One of the biggest surfaces of an interior space is the walls. Transforming these during a renovation can be a quick way to provide a fresh new look. So what are your options?

Ways to Transform Walls in a Home or Office

stone veneer for fireplacePaint


  • It’s inexpensive. Paint is often one of the first things on a renovation list due to its relatively inexpensive cost and high impact.
  • It’s easy to apply. It doesn’t take an experienced painter long to apply a fresh coat of paint to a wall and it dries in just a few hours.


  • It might not be a total transformation or enough of a change for your client. Clients might not be satisfied with a simple coat of paint or feel that this goes far enough to renovate their space into what they’ve imagined.
  • It has to be redone every few years. Paint gets dirty and popular colors quickly go in and out of style. What looks great now might look dated in just a few years time, meaning clients will be looking for another renovation.


stone veneer sidingPros

  • It can add a lot of elegance to space and enrichen it. Stone has a classic, beautiful look that is absolutely timeless. Stone walls don’t go out of style and will age with the home or office well.
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, and corrosion resistant. This makes the stone a terrific choice for both interior and exterior walls because it can stand up to wild Texas weather.
  • It lasts for years, even decades! Thanks to the timeless appeal and durability of the materials, stone walls can be around for virtually a lifetime. Once it’s applied, your clients won’t have to think about it again.


  • The labor and materials can be prohibitively expensive. Not only do they have to invest in the materials to complete the work, your clients will have to pay a skilled craftsman for their services in actually building the wall.
  • It can take a long time for the project to be completed. Depending on the materials, the size, and the skill of the craftsman, some stone walls can take weeks or even longer.

Why Real Stone Veneer Is the Best of Both!

Real stone veneer combines the pros of both paint and stone. Our special process is fast, so work can be completed much faster than waiting for a traditional stone wall to be built. The process doesn’t take much longer than paint, and it’s a fraction of the cost of a traditional stone wall to be put in place. Stone veneer has all the richness of real stone, too, because it’s actually made of real stone. That means your clients get all of the same stone benefits: waterproof, weatherproof, and their new veneer lasts for decades without needing to be maintained or redone. It’s an incredible value for their money; clients get a beautiful look that lasts for decades at a fraction of the cost. This will make them–and you–very happy.

Let Us Partner With You in Your Next Renovation

Ready to wow your clients? Looking for something new that they are going to love? Real stone veneer is exactly what you need. We’ve developed a terrific stone veneer that mimics the look of real stone because it is real stone. Our skilled team can apply your stone veneer in the color and pattern that your client wants in a short amount of time so you can complete the rest of your renovations. We’ll help you keep your project on time and under budget. Let us show you how it works and partner with you on your next renovation of a home or office. Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started with a product that pleases your clients aesthetic and their budget.

How to Give an Old Restaurant a Fresh Look

A restaurant’s interior and exterior decor have a huge affect on its bottom line. If people perceive the exterior to be run-down or old-fashioned, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever make it through the door. If the outside entices them inside and they that the interior is outdated or shabby, they are more likely to have a bad impression of the food no matter how good it might be and are unlikely to come back. There are more than 3,500 restaurants listed on Trip Advisor for the Dallas area, so people have plenty of options when they are looking for a bite to eat. That’s why it’s so important for restaurant owners to make sure their look is up-to-date, appealing, and welcoming to potential customers.

If you are an architect, designer, or contractor working with a local restaurant to help them renovate their look, it’s important that you manage their budget extremely carefully. Restaurants are often working with razor-thin budgets to start with, so taking money out to do the renovations can be a big sacrifice and you’ll want to do it right. It’s important to pick the right elements to renovate that can provide the biggest impact without overstretching the budget. With the help of our real stone veneer in Dallas, you can get the job done and help revitalize an old restaurant.

Restaurant Renovations That Provide the Biggest Impact

veneer stone sidingThe exterior.

The exterior of a restaurant needs to be inviting. If the exterior of your client’s restaurant is looking a little worse for wear, it’s probably driving away business more than they realize. Our real stone veneers can be applied to the exterior of the building in order to give it a fresh, rich, warm, and welcoming look without the cost of actual stone and masonry work. Stone elements can attract the right attention and make a building look chic and elegant. Our stone veneer can be applied to virtually any surface, meaning you can cover up siding, wood, brick, or other stone structures. Our real stone veneer is perfect for exterior surfaces because it’s made from pieces of real stone, so it has all the durability of traditional masonry work.

The interior floors.

No one wants to eat in a restaurant that has floors that look dirty no matter how much you clean them. A lot of older restaurants used carpeting when they were first built, but that look is severely dated now. Your flooring is likely going to be one of the first things customers notice when they walk through the door. If it gives them a bad first impression, the restaurant will have a tough time recovering from that. A real stone veneer is an excellent option! Our stone veneer is tough enough to stand up to plenty of traffic and it’s much easier to clean than carpeting. Your clients can pick the color and pattern that they want and our Dallas team will install it for them. The floor of the restaurant is the single biggest surface of the building, so transforming it into something beautiful and chic can help the whole building shine a little brighter.

spray stoneThe interior walls.

Our real stone veneer is perfect for walls, too! Ditch the outdated plaster and improve the ambiance of the space with stone walls. This adds warmth and elegance, instantly elevated the interior space from bland to grand. You can strategically place sections of the stone veneer or have all the walls done. Customers don’t be able to tell that it’s not all masonry work because our stone veneer is made from real stones, so it looks and feels exactly the same. It’s super durable, too, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining it.

Our Dallas Team is Ready to Help With Restuarant Renovations

Interested in learning more about using our real stone veneer in your client’s restaurant renovation? Give enVision a call today or contact us through our website. We’ll provide you and your client with more information about how our veneer application process works and how it can help save thousands on renovation costs, providing all the look and benefit of stone without the expense. Get in touch with us today to get started!

Ideas for Stretching Client’s Landscaping Budgets with Real Stone Veneer

If you’ve been in the landscaping business for long, you know that often times clients will come to you with ideas that their budgets can’t handle. Maybe they want a gorgeous stone patio for entertaining. Or they are dreaming about a retaining wall for their back garden. Or perhaps they want to create wonderful meandering paths through their yard. A lot of the hardscaping ideas that people bring to their landscapers involve masonry and stone work, and while it’s a gorgeous addition to any home, it’s almost always the most expensive option. So how do you keep your clients happy, help them achieve their hardscaping dreams, and still stay within their budget? Real stone veneer could be the answer.

Our real stone veneer is created right here in Dallas. We use a compound made of actual stone, so you get all the benefits of stone without the cost. Real stone veneer is waterproof, ultra-durable, and will stand the test of time against the Texas sun and storms. It can help achieve the look of stone without the expense of masonry work, giving your clients the same effect at a fraction of the price. Here are some of our favorite ways to use real stone veneer as a hardscaping element in your client’s landscape project!

Great Ideas for Hardscaping with Real Stone Veneer

Create a patio for entertaining.

Stone patios can be an enormous expense to a homeowner. However, they look amazing and it’s a feature that can add a lot of value to their home, not to mention create an outdoor living space they can enjoy with their friends and family. Real stone veneer can be applied onto an old concrete patio to give it a richer, more luxurious look. We offer a variety of color and pattern options to you can mimic the look of the stone that you customer wants for their patio. You may be able to stretch your clients budget further and give them a bigger patio or even include an outdoor kitchen to take their entertaining to the next level.

outdoor stone veneerGive new life to old surfaces.

Sometimes the existing structures are just fine, they simply need an update. That might include benches, steps, or even sidewalks. Real stone veneer is perfect for giving structurally sound elements of the landscaping a facelift. The process is quick and much less expensive than having a nice piece built and installed out of traditional stone methods. Your clients will be amazed at how the simply application process of real stone veneer can transform those elements into something wonderful and new. This can be a terrific way to create a new look on a tight budget, since you won’t actually be installing anything new!

Build that retaining wall.

Retaining walls can be a great way to add visual interest to a property, not to mention strengthening a hillside or slope in the landscaping. They aren’t cheap to build, though, if you are using traditional methods and materials. Your clients are probably shocked to learn just how much a retaining wall can cost. With real stone veneer, though, you can include a retaining wall in their budget. Try building the retaining wall out of wood or pouring inexpensive cement. Our stone veneer can be applied directly to the surface and make it look like it’s been entirely made out of the stone of their choice. You can even use that retaining wall as the start of their new garden space!

Will Your Clients Be Happy with Real Stone Veneer?

Yes! We’ve worked with clients all over Dallas for their stone veneer needs and the feedback we get on our product is great. Because our real stone veneer is made from actual stone, clients get all the benefits of real stone without the cost. Their real stone veneer surface will be durable, waterproof, and resistant to the elements. Show them how much they can save and they’ll love it even more! Contact us today about bringing our Dallas team to your job site to install our stone veneer on the areas and objects that you need transformed and take your client’s budget further. Give us a call or contact us through our website today for more information or to book your appointment with our team!

Transformation of Floors With Applied Stone

Structures will immediately have an elegance and a deep character when renovated with real stone veneer. Because stone has such deep history, businesses and homes alike will look like they are from another age simply by installing real, spray-on stone from enVision Stone. Floors especially can enhance this image and give an appearance of being centuries old. Transforming floors with real stone veneer is easy and cost effective in any renovation project.


The space in a home where people gather to cook and entertain, the kitchen is a great place to utilize this innovative product. With a variety of choices for color, shape, size, and design of the stone, enVision Stone has a product that will match a homeowner’s style and existing kitchen design. The woodstock color will match beautifully with both white cabinets as well as darker cabinets for a classic look.

spray stoneBusiness Entryway

Whatever your business is, real stone veneer can transform the floor of the entryway into a dignified office space. When renovating a business space, it is essential to have a welcoming entryway where clients and customers are excited to learn more and hopefully work with that business. Transforming boring carpet into real stone will entice customers in and give the overall look of the business an upgrade.

Home Entryway

Bring the focus to the floor when family and guests enter a home. The first thing that people do when coming into a home is often looking past the entryway into the interior of the home. Transform regular vinyl flooring into something unique and special using spray-on stone. Match the rest of the existing style with the choice of color, pattern, size, and shape of the stone. Transform the floor with a special stone product.

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A distinctive driveway material could be concrete, pavers, or brick; but these materials are still used fairly often. Transform a boring asphalt or concrete driveway into stone with varieties of colors and designs to choose from. Not only will a real stone driveway give the home a deeper character, it will increase the value of the home.

outdoor stone veneerPatio or Pool Deck

Outdoor stone veneer has the strength and durability to outlast many other patio materials. When people are walking constantly on this surface and harsh weather is wearing down the material, install a product that will last. Real stone veneer can transform the space and will last for years. Colors and patterns can be chosen that will incorporate the patio with the surrounding landscaping as well.

Real stone veneer doesn’t have to be just for siding, walls, and fireplaces, horizontal surfaces can also utilize the innovative product from enVision Stone. With spray-on stone, conventional materials like vinyl, wood, or concrete can be transformed into something special and eye catching. Real stone veneer is easy to install because it is applied directly onto the existing surface and can add value to any business or home. Driveways, entryways, or patios can be renovated and transformed into something new, but still giving the surface a history and character. See how enVision Stone can transform your space.

Various Artisan Designs and Colors

Home and business owners everywhere are looking for a unique way to renovate their office buildings or homes. Updating the kitchen floors, finishing a basement, or redoing the floors of an office with hardwood are becoming renovations of the past. enVision Stone wants contractors, architects, home and business owners to have access to new technology and methods of renovating that are unique and beautiful. The future of real stone veneer is with enVision Stone. Vertical, horizontal, interior or exterior surfaces can easily be renovated with real, spray-on stone.

Perhaps what’s more exciting than the possibility of easily renovating surfaces with real stone veneer, but the variety of options that customers have to choose from. Natural cut stone such as granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, slate, or travertine can all be found with different color and design variations, but these materials are often expensive and can be challenging to maintain when cleaning needs to done frequently and the potential for cracking or chipping. enVision Stone has developed real stone veneer that can be customizable.

spray stoneVertical Surfaces

Siding, interior feature walls, archways, or fireplaces can all be installed with real, spray-on stone and with a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. If a fireplace renovation project is in the works, offer real stone with real character to it. The deep grout makes the stone blocks appear as if they have been in a home for ages. Exterior siding may need a smoother appearance with more shallow grout lines, but is equally textured and has the look and feel of real stone, because it is.

Horizontal Surfaces

veneer stone sidingWalkways, patios, driveways, entryways or even kitchen floors can all be upgraded and given a beautiful and one-of-a-kind look. Driveways, pool decks or patios would look modern with larger pieces of real stone that transform the space into a backyard dream. Give clients a sense of luxury with a walkway made from real stone, or an entryway for their guests to admire. Real stone in a kitchen floor will allow homeowners to imagine they live in Italy where homes are hundreds of years old.

Colors and Designs

What is exclusive to enVision Stone is being able to choose which color and design a customer wants for their real stone veneer. On any surface, the color, design, and shape are customizable, from small circular pieces of sandstone colored stone or henna colored stone blocks. The variations are endless. Colors provided by enVision Stone include:

  • Sahara
  • Graystone
  • Henna
  • Saddle Brown
  • Sand Pebble
  • Sandstone
  • Sesame
  • Wood Stock
  • Cappuccino
  • Flannel

Brighten up a patio space with sesame colored stone veneer, give depth to your kitchen with graystone, or give character to your business’ entryway with cappuccino colored stone.

If you are a contractor, architect, home or business owner, enVision Stone has what you’re looking for. Real stone veneer has the characteristics of real stone including texture, look, and feel because it is real stone! Choose what artisan color, shape, design, and size stone you want for the surface and it will be transformed. Get the look of natural cut stone without all of the fuss of maintaining it with real stone veneer from enVision Stone.