Best Home Improvement Blogs For DIY Enthusiasts

“Home is where the heart is.” True. But you have to acknowledge that the physical manifestation of that environment also influences your mood and your state of mind.

Having a clean, aesthetically pleasing, and well-decorated home goes a long way towards giving you a peaceful state of mind.

With that being said, you may be thinking of beginning your own home improvement projects as the warmer months are approaching. Or you might be a contractor that is looking for new methods to implement into your practice. Either way, you probably run into the same issue. You’ve been online to look for inspiration, but there is an overload of information available on DIY projects today to where you can’t make out what is quality information, and what is not.

The good news is, that’s why we’re here! At enVison Stone, we’ve narrowed it down to the best; the ones that really matter and give you the right answers. We hope these inspire you to start your own home-improvement projects this year and to use enVision Stone’s real stone veneer products in the process to give your home a sophisticated new look.


DIY Inspired by Dinah Wulf

DIY Inspired teaches readers, homemakers, and decorating enthusiasts do-it-yourself projects and tips on how to recycle, re-purpose, or refurbish items found around your home.

Dinah Wulf, the blog owner, was inspired to make her own blog after spending years in flea markets and swap meets for her own DIY projects, and it has been a hit ever since.

DIY Inspired also shares decoration ideas for various holidays and special occasions as well as tutorials on making your own organic products at home.


Domestic Imperfection

Domestic Imperfection offers an easy read with many images along the way to give you the full perspective behind Ashley’s DIY project ventures. Most of her style has a more rustic appeal, so if this is the sort of style that you are looking for (which our stone compliments extremely well), then look no further!


Ask the Builder by Tim Carter

Tim Carter has been in the home-building business for over thirty years as a master carpenter, plumber, and roof cutter, and is undoubtedly an expert on each of the subjects.

Ask the Builder posts a multitude of instructional videos and tool reviews on various aspects of building and repairing a home. It also provides a checklist of specifics for a particular home project, which questions to ask, the breakdown of expenses involved, and links to other relevant articles.


The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels

The imagination is limitless when it comes to decorating your home, but sometimes, your budget can’t keep up with what you have envisioned.

Melissa Michaels attempts to solve this dilemma in her blog, The Inspired Room, a decorating blog that shares tips on decorating and organizing your home; making it look superb without you having to bend over backwards or spend too much money in the process.



Businesses that deal with construction, real estate development, and home services will benefit from GuildQuality, a third-party company that conducts surveys that will help the business client assess how their projects have been handled.

This assessment enables businesses to track and improve their performance. Much like an Angie’s list, GuildQuality also lists job postings and a pool of contractors in a variety of different construction industries, making it easy to look for a construction-service provider.


Building Moxie

Building Moxie offers a handy guide to homeownership. Whether you’re doing projects at the professional level or DIY level, you can find tips and strategies for creation, fixing, repairs, and maintenance.

Their YouTube tutorials are very easy to follow along with so you should easily be able to start enjoying various home-improvement projects.


Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

“Waste not, want not” is a central theme of Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home blog, which shares the secrets to a minimalist and waste-free lifestyle. Johnson believes that a zero-waste home will help families save time and a considerable amount of money and improve their quality of living and health.

She implements five R’s in her campaign for zero waste: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot.


Happy Interior Blog by Igor Josifovic

Happy Interior Blog is an international blog about interior design, styling, decoration, travels and plants that has gained high appraisal and was awarded ‘Best International Blog’ in 2014.


Living Vintage

Experience a bit of time travel and nostalgia at Living Vintage, where old houses are deconstructed and then built into new ones, with the use of reclaimed materials.

The vintage look is the central to the blog’s theme, but other styles are also included. The “Friday Favorites” section, as its name implies, features various looks or themes for all kinds of occasions and holidays.


South Shore Decorating Blog by Stacy Curran

Decorator Stacy Curran’s South Shore Decorating Blog celebrates the best of well-designed homes and interiors in all styles possible: rustic, contemporary, French, traditional, and vintage, among many others. DIY projects and links to bargain deals are also found on the blog. Curran offers e-decorating services, looking at clients’ home spaces through an online consultation.


Dans le Lakehouse

Dans le Lakehouse (which is slightly anglicized French for “in the lakehouse”) is a blog that explores many DIY ideas, ranging from simple home projects, to home renovation, to room makeovers.

The blog is a hodgepodge of interests, such as craft making, healthy lifestyle, and decorating. Check out the blog gallery to look at the completed DIY projects.


Now It’s Your Turn!

We hope that at least one of these ever so popular DIY sites ignites a fire in your creative side and motivates you to get in the DIY spirit this spring and summer. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner looking to dive deeper into your crafty side, we hope that when it comes to stone in your home, you will come to enVision for your real stone veneer needs. If you already have a project in mind, feel free to reach out and get a quote on your desired stone.