Budget Friendly Accent Walls With Spray On Stone Veneer

Envision Stone is incredibly proud of the vast array of real stone veneer options we have to offer our contractor and homeowner clients in Dallas. One of the things we love most about our spray-on stone facade is just how versatile it can be. While stone is often considered to be an outdoor design element by many, there’s one interior application that can create an entirely new look for a home — amazing stone accent walls.

What Are Accent Walls?

An accent wall, as the name indicates, offers a little something extra compared to your typical run-of-the-mill wall design. Accent walls stand out yet complement the color scheme and feng shui of the rest of a business or home’s interior design. They are the focal points of a room, and stone accent walls are one of the most sought-after types in today’s home remodeling projects for their unique aesthetic appeal, texture, and dimension they provide to any room. Depending on the stone design that you select, you can have your accent wall blend into an environment or stand out from the surrounding elements.

Preparing To Build An Accent Wall

As one could imagine, constructing an accent wall can add an extra amount of effort into your remodeling process. Luckily, though, with our real stone veneer, it’s one of the easiest processes for a quick transformation to your interior design. Our spray-on stone facade can, in fact, be sprayed right over the top of your existing surface with little to no prep. No longer are the days of having to strip off sheetrock or apply new framing elements for attaching onto the existing wall. You can simply clean your wall surface, cover up the outlets, and start spraying!

The only thing you will want to be sure to do is to cover any surfaces in the room that you don’t want to come in contact with your veneer because while spray on stone veneer is incredibly simple, it can also certainly be messy. So be sure to remove furniture and thoroughly cover flooring and other walls prior to beginning to build your new accent wall.

Use Real Stone Veneer Your Next Renovation

Homeowners — ready to take your home remodeling project up a notch?

Contractors — want to wow your clients with your new concepts and capabilities? Real stone veneer is exactly what you need.

We’ve developed a terrific spray-on stone facade that mimics the look of real stone because it is real stone. Our skilled team can apply your real stone veneer in any color and pattern that you or your client wants in a short amount of time, so you check incredible accent wall off our list and move on to the rest of your renovations. Let us show you how it works and partner with you on your next renovation of a home or office.

Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started with the beauty and simplicity of real stone veneer.