About Our Real Stone Veneer

The Leader in Affordable Spray-On Stonework Materials

About Our Real Stone Veneer

With 30 years of experience supplying the construction industry with real stone cladding, the enVision Stone team is proud of its stellar reputation for delivering both an unbeatable real spray-on stone veneer product and superior customer care. As a manufacturer of our own proprietary real stone product, we help contractors with helping their clients experience the beauty of stone cladding, without the exorbitant costs and messy hassle of traditional masonry and stonework. With us, you’ll be able to truly “enVision your own design.”

We’ve worked for years developing a high-quality lightweight spray-on stone veneer product that stands up to extreme weather, damaging UV rays, and insects or rodents. By offering our innovative real stone product to our valued partners in the construction industry, we strive to deliver creative home design aesthetics that are lightweight, both easy to apply, and highly cost efficient.

Choosing to offer enVision real stone cladding applications to your customers enables your company to experience the following benefits:

  • Ability to offer complementary decor products that fit your market.
  • Free hands-on training, for both real stone application and job estimating, for your staff.
  • Marketing and business generation help.
  • Expert labor assistance with first projects.

For use on both interior and exterior surfaces, enVision Stone allows you to offer your customers high-quality spray-on stonework that is naturally beautiful and affordable. With no tear-out work required, your remodeling projects can be completed in less time. Our real spray-on stone products also easily attach to healthy substrate, without the need of special weight supports.

Find out more about enVision Stone, our lightweight stone veneer, and our team by contacting us today.

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