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Stone Veneer Fireplace Ideas To Warm Up Your Home

As winter is on its way, it might be time to add an extra level of coziness to your home, and nothing is cozier than sitting next to a warm, crackling fireplace.


A fireplace can be the cornerstone behind any great living area of a home that should be beautifully designed because, inevitably, everyone is going to notice it. While brick can offer a traditional look, stone veneer fireplaces add an element of warmth and rustic style to any area of a home that is unmatched by its other masonry counterparts. No matter what your tastes are when it comes to home decor, nothing exudes the same class, style, and timeless elegance that stone offers.


With that being said, we here at enVision stone have gathered some ideas for you to use as inspiration for your potential next home remodeling project using our revolutionary spray-on stone veneer.


Refresh Your Current Fireplace With Stone Veneer

Have an existing fireplace that could use a facelift? Add some rustic charm to your hearth by incorporating the style of spray-on stone veneer all around your current gas or wood-burning fireplace. With enVision stone’s spray-on stone facade, you can easily apply a new, eloquent stone texture to your mantel right over your existing surface no matter if its brick, wood, tile, or any other form of hearth.


Liven Up Your Living Room With A Stone Accent Above Your Fireplace

When it comes to adding a touch of real stone veneer to your home’s interior design, why just stop at the fireplace? Extend your new rustic look upward into a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace by filling that blank space above your mantel with a textured spray-on stone veneer. Even if your existing wall was nothing more than plain-colored sheetrock, you can easily add stone veneer right over the top for an incredible new contemporary look, turning your fireplace into an entire accent wall in a quick turnaround.

Want to make your look even more contemporary? Use varying shades of stone veneer as you work your way up the wall to create a modern ambiance. You can even opt for a mosaic look that has unmistakable character.


Add A Stone Mantel To Your Wooden Fireplace

If you already have a cozy wooden fireplace in your home or cabin, adding a touch of stone with a new mantel can be the perfect addition to complete your rustic feng shui. How is this possible? Simply select your preferred color and texture of spray-on stone veneer, remove your existing mantel and spray your stone facade onto the mantel to transform your wooden mantel into a beautiful stone-covered mantel in no time!


Add Some Sizzle To Your Patio With A Stone Veneer Fire Pit

You have an incredible patio, so why should you let it go to waste for months out of the year simply due to the cold? With stone veneer fire pits, you can entertain guests or enjoy relaxation in solitude on your patio year round. They create a new warm place to gather around during the chillier months and best of all, the possibilities are endless with real stone veneer. You can customize the perfect patio piece to match the current aesthetics of your patio or choose a bold, eye-catching new look that stands out from the rest.


Bring Two Rooms Together With A Double-Sided Stone Veneer Fireplace

A double-sided fireplace is a much less daunting remodeling project then it may seem at a glance, and it has the capability of offering an entirely new feel to your home providing an exquisite new look and keeping multiple rooms warm and cozy simultaneously. Having a double-sided stone veneer fireplace also gives you the opportunity to choose two different styles for your fireplace design. This can be a lifesaver if you and your significant other seem to have different ideas in mind for the look of your stone fireplace as you can compromise and each design your own side to get the best of both worlds!


If you’re interested in using spray-on stone veneer for your next remodeling project, whether it be for a fireplace, fire pit, hearth, accent wall, or any other areas of your home, reach out to enVision stone today to select the best spray-on stone materials for your specific project.