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Top 5 Home Improvement Trends Of 2018

With new trends constantly arising in the home remodeling industry, it can be difficult to decide which home improvement projects are best to apply to your own home — especially when looking to increase the value for a potential sell.

To ensure you are getting the most out of the projects you choose to tackle, it’s important to do plenty of research prior to picking up your tools and going to work or calling in the contractors.

In order to make the decision process less daunting for you, here at enVision Stone, we have compiled a comprehensive list of what our home improvement experts believe to be the most cost-effective and sought-after trends in 2018 when it comes to upgrading your home.

Stainless Steel Appliances

While this trend certainly isn’t new to 2018, it is one that has shown to be holding steady over the past few years as a popular upgrade that is well worth the time and money invested. Stainless steel as an unparalleled sleek look that is easy to clean, despite its inevitable susceptibility to fingerprints. They are also a factor that a majority of potential homeowners look for in a property for not only their style but energy efficiency and long lifespans.

Smart Homes

A multitude of different trends in smart home features have been coming and going in terms of popularity over the past five years. While they did not originally offer much in terms of adding value to homes for home improvement projects, now that the technology has become more advanced in these smart home systems, they might be worth looking into for your home.

From controlling your home lights, audio, and thermostat over your mobile device to advanced security systems, there are many smart home features that give your home an extra element of sophistication that can certainly entice potential buyers. In today’s world, people love easy and efficient, and that’s the name of the game when it comes to home technology.

Quartz Countertops

While granite, marble, and other surfaces seem to come in and out of style with fluctuating prices and demand, quartz is a trend that doesn’t appear to be going away at any point in the near future. Not only does it offer a unique and sophisticated style that will complement any kitchen’s feng shui but quartz is also a material that has proven to withstand the test of time, offering immense durability and easy maintenance. Having quartz countertops lets prospective buyers be assured that if they purchase your home, they won’t have to worry about the kitchen being remodeled anytime soon.

Bamboo Floors

One of the most practical flooring choices that also offers a sense of originality due to it still being a rare sight, bamboo is a trend that is on the rise in many modern homes. Not only is bamboo much more environmentally stable than other flooring options but it is more affordable than most traditional hardwood options available. You could always choose the least expensive route of synthetic hardwood, but as makers of real stone veneer for homes, we are firm believers in authenticity. Synthetic hardwood also is noticeable when compared to the real deal and does not last nearly as long. With bamboo flooring, you can also refinish it over and over again so that it basically lasts forever, compared to composite materials that can only be refinished once or twice before they will need to be replaced.

Real Stone Veneer

As you could have guessed, we are major fans of this home improvement trend. Real stone veneer is an ideal solution for transforming any worn, faded, and outdated exterior or interior home surface into practical works of art. It’s also one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades of this list!

The applications and benefits are endless when it comes to incorporating real stone facade for your home’s interior, exterior, or even landscaping. You can also save loads of money on your remodeling projects by choosing spray on stone facade over other stone options.

Entryways, floors, walls, patios, fireplaces, and exterior surfaces can all benefit from the strength and beauty of spray-on real stone veneer. It’s fast and clean as well as customizable to fit the unique style of any home.

Stone is certainly a look that has been in style for centuries — offering durability and unique patterns and textures that are unmatched by any other home surface material, it is a trend that will last as long as the stone itself does — forever.

If you are interested in real stone veneer for any application at your residential or commercial property in the Dallas area, reach out to the stone installation experts at enVision Stone for a custom quote and superior customer service. Or, you can learn more about all of the possibilities that real stone veneer has to offer you.