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Manufactured vs. Real Stone Veneer

If you are looking to incorporate the incredible and timeless look of stone into your next home remodeling project or commercial building endeavor, it’s important to grasp what real stone veneer can offer to you when compared with the manufactured stone we frequently see today.

To get an idea of the differences between manufactured stone and real stone veneer, let’s take a look into how manufactured stone is created.

How Manufactured Stone Is Made

Manufactured stone is molded concrete that is artificially colored with paint in order to resemble the look of real stone. This product was developed in the 1950s and implemented into homes as a lighter alternative to traditional 4-inch thick, full-bed masonry stone, which was the only alternative at the time. Since then, stone-cutting technology has greatly advanced to where it can be cut into 1-inch or even ½-inch thick slabs — allowing for the application of thin yet real stone veneers.

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Disadvantages of Manufactured Stone

While manufactured stone was once revolutionary for providing a lightweight alternative to real stone with a relatively similar look to the real deal, it still comes with a number of complications. For starters, there are usually only a few molds, so patterns repeat frequently within the stonework and it’s obvious that it’s fake. By having this repetitious nature, the man-made origins of the material are easily noticeable to both those in the world of construction and to the common naked eye.

While some high-end manufactured veneers offer more color and pattern versatility in attempts to avoid this factor, they are much more costly, eliminating the one main advantage of choosing manufactured products over real stone veneer — the price.

Manufactured stone will also never be as durable and long-lasting as real stone veneer is. Regardless of the quality of the manufactured material, there is no contest between the two as concrete and paint will fade and deteriorate over time due to the wear of the natural elements. As you can see through the majority of the world’s historical buildings that still stand today after thousands of years — real stone lasts.

Advantages of Real Stone Veneer

As aforementioned, real stone veneer is irreplaceable in terms of look and durability. People would turn to manufactured stone in the past in attempts to save money, have an easier installation, and to receive more variety in their choice of colors.

Now, thanks to spray-on stone veneer from enVision Stone, you can get all of these incredible benefits without having to sacrifice using real stone! Our real stone veneer is incredibly lightweight (at approximately 5 pounds per square foot), so it’s on a level playing field with its concrete counterparts. Since it is sprayed on, it is incredibly simple to install and doesn’t even require any demolition in order to do so. You can simply spray our spray-on stone facade on top of the existing surface and it will fully coat it and stick with ease. This means the possibilities are endless to where you can apply the look and feel of real stone for your home. Since it’s real stone, it will keep its color and last for a lifetime for both interior and exterior applications while manufactured stone requires a great deal of regular maintenance in order to keep it looking anywhere close to real stone.

So while manufactured stone may have had a good run during its prime time, why choose anything else but the real deal? Thanks to modern stone technology, and more specifically, enVision Stone’s spray-on stone, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate real stone veneer into your remodeling projects or new home.

Want to learn more about our revolutionary spray-on stone facade? Reach out to us before you start your next project in the Dallas area to see how our real stone veneer products could benefit you.