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Landscaping Ideas Using Stone

The climate in Dallas makes it difficult to create unique, beautiful, and natural landscaping. Landscapers face many different challenges when designing a family’s front or back yard or working with commercial businesses to freshen up their space. It’s essential that landscapers use a variety of materials to create a landscape theme that will impress any home or business owner. Consider using stone veneer for your next renovation. Here are just a few things you can do with spray stone made from real stone.

Transform a Driveway

Landscaping is more than planting a few trees in the back yard. It can be a whole makeover for homes. A driveway is the very first contact that someone has with a home, so it needs to be just as amazing as the surrounding landscape. With enVision Stone, landscapers and their clients can choose from a variety of different patterns, colors, and shapes. Imagine small cobblestones to give the driveway a European feel, or large stone slabs that will make the driveway look bigger.

stone veneer

Create a Courtyard

The first thing you think about when imagining a courtyard is the ground. A large, open space that is lush with greenery and native Dallas plants with little alcoves for sitting and relaxing, maybe a waterfall bubbling in the distance. This scene comes together with stone features throughout the courtyard. A walkway leading to sitting areas made from real stone veneer that has a cooling effect to the space. The waterfall or birdbath beautifully made from stone add the finishing touches.

real stone veneerUse Texture

A walkway in a courtyard that leads to a nestled sitting area may sound delightful, but add some personality to the walkway with texture. Combine different methods of stone applications to create smaller pebblestones and place larger pieces of stone on top for stepping stones. Children and families will love venturing through their courtyard, their eyes bouncing from texture to texture.

Build a Staircase

Not a traditional interior staircase, but a few steps to create layers and add depth to the landscape. Imagine two steps and the top of the third step is two or three feet deep to make a second level; then, more steps and another level. At the top is a quiet pool of water or sitting area. This is perfect for yards near a rolling hill that need some character. Add flower pots to the levels to add natural texture.

real stone veneerOutdoor Fireplace or Firepit

Even nights in Dallas can get cool. A stone veneer fireplace or firepit will make a great focal point for any landscape and give families something to gather around at night. This is also a chance to switch up the texture of the space again. If the surrounding ground is smooth stone, design the fireplace using rounded stone pieces that have an old-age fireplace look.

Outdoor Shower

Perfect for clients with a pool or pets that have a tendency to get dirty often, an outdoor shower made from real stone allows homeowners to rinse off after a dip in a chlorinated pool or clean off their pets before heading inside. The shower can be designed using a smooth surface or give it a more rustic feel with stone slabs. Or again, mix up the texture and use both!

Landscapers in Dallas may be challenged with what materials they can use, but with real stone veneer as an option, the ideas are endless. Textured walkways, pebblestone driveways, or rustic showers, give your clients something unique and natural. enVision Stone prides ourselves on providing contractors, landscapers, and home builders with an option that is easy to install, saves your client money, and adds a beautiful look to any space.

Use Texture To Transform Walls

If you have ever studied interior design or even spent any time watching home improvement or home design shows, you have probably heard the designers talking about texture. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or architect, being aware of what texture can do to a home or a business is essential in having a happy family and happy customers. Many people aren’t aware of the space around them and the influence simple design elements can have on their mood, but designers can spend years on their craft and that includes experimenting with texture. The effect that stone can have on a space, balanced with other textures and elements is huge. If you’re in the midst of a renovation, consider the power of using real stone veneer from enVision Stone for your home or construction project.

What is Texture?

spray stoneTexture is the sensation that is caused by feeling and seeing the surface of objects. Most people will say that texture is mostly about what someone feels physically on their fingertips when they touch something. However, you also see texture with your eyes and can imagine how it would feel, whether that’s a furry coat, a wood tabletop, or a real stone wall; and whether those items can be physically touched or you’re just looking at the pages of a magazine. You might want to take pictures of your renovation when it’s complete and you want viewers to see and feel the texture in the space. Using real stone veneer on the walls of your space, you can create a texture that is inviting and still warm.

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Add Visual Weight

In the design world, visual weight means allowing the space to draw attention to itself. When people walk into your home, office, restaurant, or view the outside walls of the building, they might not immediately be drawn to the walls of the space; that is, unless there is something there to draw the eye. Just like you may have heard that a blue room has a calming effect and a red room can raise your energy level, texture can do the same thing. A rough real stone wall is more likely to make the space feel intimate and grounded and smooth textures can make the space feel sleek and aloof.

Texture Adds Balance

An architect or interior designer will know that even if you want an intimate space, you wouldn’t want a stone floor, stone walls, and a stone table. There needs to be a balance. With soft couches, warm curtains, and a grainy wood table, the real stone walls will fit right in.

real stone veneerThe Stone Itself Can Be a Variety of Textures

At enVision Stone, there are several options of our real stone veneer. We have patterns that are smaller for a feature bathroom wall, larger pieces that would make your living room wall look like a castle, thicker, natural pieces that do wonders to a fireplace, and styles with just the right depth and shape to design your kitchen backsplash with.

Utilizing real stone veneer as a focal point in any space draws the viewer’s eye in and creates a desire to touch the surface and to interact with the space. This desire to interact with the space will give your guests or clients an opportunity to stay longer and feel more at home and comfortable within the space. This is the purpose of using design elements such as texture in any renovation.

Why Stone Veneer?

Installing stone veneer will save everyone involved in the project time and money. Whether you’re using the stone for an inside wall, or for outdoor stone veneer, the effect is the same. The texture draws viewer’s eyes to the surface. enVision Stone designed the product to be a lightweight stone veneer so that it can be incorporated into any space and will provide an intimate and warm environment.

Utilizing and being aware of design elements, especially texture can improve any home or business renovation. Creating a balance of textures with rough stone and soft materials will create an inviting and unique space. To save money in addition to designing a beautiful space, use real stone veneer from enVision Stone. Create feature walls in your space that can only be described by the texture.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Patio

It’s a fact: restaurants with outdoor seating make more money. reported in 2015 that restaurants with outdoor seating see increases in their revenue of up to 30%. That’s a huge bump and a giant return on your investment for installing a patio space. Outdoor seating is a popular option here in Dallas, where many restaurants packed on the weekends offer an outside seating option. It’s a great place to cool off after a hot day, enjoy the Texas sun, or see and be seen in the hippest areas of town. With over 3,500 restaurants in the Dallas area, a great patio can be a wonderful way to make your establishment stand out from the crowd.

If your restaurant doesn’t already have a patio, it’s time to invest. It can help bring vital new business in a crowded restaurant market. So how do you get started?

Find the right contractor.

Working with the right contractor on your patio installation is going to make the entire process much easier. They’ll be able to use their experience to help you find solutions to issues, save money, and get the job done right. A great contractor can guide you through the process with minimal disruption to your business and make it as stress-free as possible. Look for reviews online for local Dallas contractors if you don’t already have someone that you trust. Look for contractors who have restaurant renovation experience, and ideally, someone who has experience with patios, too.

Look for cost-saving measures.

There are a number of things you can do to help save on the cost of your restaurant patio. Think about buying your commercial patio furniture second hand or expanding a current outdoor space instead of starting from scratch. Using real stone veneer is another great idea. This allows you to get the look and feel of stone without the cost. Because real stone veneer is made from actual stone, it’s still just as durable and resistant to the weather. You get all the same benefits, but it’s most more affordable and goes in much quicker so you can start bringing in your revenue sooner.

outdoor stone veneerenVision has real stone veneers that you’ll love! You can pick your color and style and we’ll do the rest, working with your contractor to bring a fresh look to your patio space. Our stone veneers are durable and beautiful and can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces so you can create a gorgeous outdoor space without the big expense. It’s ideal for floors, walls, and even stone seating!

Get locals excited about your new seating options.

Make sure you advertise that outdoor seating is coming to your restaurant! It’s a good idea to run a marketing campaign around the new addition to your restaurant and encourage locals to come try it out. Offer special food and drink deals for those on the patio and let the word get around that your new patio is the hottest spot in Dallas. Encourage people to leave reviews about your restaurant and the patio in particular on sites like Google and Trip Advisor to bring in even more buzz. Before you know it, your outdoor seating area will be packed and you’ll recover the costs of your expansion in no time. It’s a smart move for your business!

Ready to start creating your new outdoor space? Have your contractor get in touch with the enVision Stone team. We’ll work with them to create your restaurant patio and make it something really special. They can give us a call or contact us through our website to learn more about our products!